Our Approach

Our Mission Statement
Alive and Kicking is dedicated to making drama work which impacts on Primary Age children both within the curriculum and beyond. We work with children, parents, teachers and the wider community around the child to promote learning, enjoyment and community cohesion through the joint creation of dramatic worlds.
The challenges of contemporary society demand a relevant cultural response that works across ages, capabilities and social strata to affect, enable and extend the social and creative vocabularies of its audience and participants. To meet these challenges we have evolved the Alive And Kicking method, inspired by the drama improvisation of Dorothy Heathcote and the problem-based role-play of Sue Jennings. The Alive And Kicking method gives participants “the mantle of the expert”, and encourages creative freedom within clear supportive structures. We provide the basic narrative structure or situation and put the participants in the central heroic roles. They make the crucial decisions: they solve the problems. Working in a participative method allows us to invite our ‘audience’ to step into the story with us and experience it from different view points and encounter characters at crucial dramatic moments.