A new piece for Years 5 and 6 takes off

"We seemed to stand for an endless while, 
Though still no word was said, 

Three men alive on Flannan Isle, 
Who thought, on three men dead.""

This week we begin the R and D for a new Year 5 and 6 piece centred on The 1900 mystery surrounding The Flannan Isles.
"Though three men dwell on Flannan Isle 
To keep the lamp alight, 
As we steered under the lee, we caught 
No glimmer through the night."
Thanks to Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, Burley and Woodhead Primary School and the Northern Lighthouse Board.


Santa on tour ....

Here's what Debra Wilson from Springwell Primary in Leeds says ...... We had a lovely morning with Santa and the Goblin Market yesterday.
It was such a  lovely experience for all our children and staff.

Santa is up and running!

Rehearsals over, van collected, set checked, songs brilliant, cast fabulous .... Scary Fairy really friendly, Trixie Pixie knows a thing or two, Santa is ... well Santa and the Goblin King is waiting to have his heart of stone melted ... only you can do it!
Saturday 8 December - Leeds Kirkgate Market all day – residence – not a performance - come and meet Santa, Trixie and Scary
Saturday 15 December - Leeds Kirkgate Market 11.00 am and 2.00 pm
Saturday 22 December - Leeds Kirkgate Market 11.00 am and 2.00 pm 
Sunday 23 December - Leeds Kirkgate Market 11.00 am and 2.00 pm 
Monday 24 December - Leeds Kirkgate Market  11.00 am and 2.00 pm 
Lots of primary schools too .... so if you would like to visit a school with us please ring us first. 07710 514585‬

Santa and The Goblin Market - Booking now for Christmas 2018

Here's a fab video message from Santa.
Santa's Coming to Town!.mp4

A new version of Lighthouse Island

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
it’s always ourselves that we find in the sea
e e cummings
And here we go straight away after half term with a new development of Lighthouse Island for Key Stage 2 children, their teachers and families.
We become the people of an island who make their living from the sea and face the dangers it brings. 
When the one-hundred-year wave comes, it destroys the lighthouse and takes Old Tom’s courage away with it. We islanders have huge task on our hands.

The Christmas show for the whole school and families.

Here's a glimpse of Santa And The Goblin Market ... schools, adventure playgrounds, Leeds Kirkgate Market, community venues, back yards, church halls, street parties ... you name it, we are up for it!
We open on December the first and go right through until Christmas Eve.

A&K is an Arts Award Supporter

What is an Arts Award Supporter?
Arts Award Supporter is a badge which shows A&K offers activities which young people can take part in when doing their Arts Award, such as shows, exhibitions, workshops, meet the artist sessions, work experience etc. 
Young people doing Arts Award have to explore the world of professional artists and cultural organisations by taking part and seeing work. An Arts Award Supporter provides one or more arts and cultural activities for young people who are doing their Arts Award. They do not run the award but they work with the Arts Award centre to provide the artistic input.
That's us!

A special message from Santa

Santa is waiting for you on this video link .....

School's back so let's get cracking!

Please let us know how we could best work with you!
In addition to the company's primary school consultancy role, Alive And Kicking is offering two new adventures - ready for 2019, a workshop version of the highly successful Cave, and for this Christmas an exhilarating adventure with Santa And The Goblin Market.

Next for A&K .....

Future Planning – 2018-19 and beyond
In this next year, A&K will be drawing on its proven and researched support for literacy and story-making, in focusing on working with schools as creative partners.  To this partnership we bring the benefit of 30 years of experience in Leeds, West Yorkshire and Europe.  
Unlike many umbrella organisations, we can deal directly with the school without unnecessary layers of bureaucracy.  We will offer a personalized approach, where the people who the schools talk with will be the company members responsible for delivering the projects – a practical, hands-on consultancy which will help schools develop creativity, story-making and literacy.
This will include:
·     CPD for staff supplied at an inclusive rate, with pre-project and post-project support
·     Year-long planning to tie in with School Development aims
·     Bespoke projects taking account of each school’s budgeting abilities
·     Tailor-made and tested drama projects for all ages and right across the curriculum: Stone AgeVikingsWorld War 2RomansMuseum of Untold StoriesMarvellous Monarchs,   Woman on Top of The MountainWhere the Heart Isand many more including, in the spring of 2019, the launch of The Cave in its new half-day workshop format
·     Developing the partnership with Leeds Beckett University and other academic and research organisations.
And let’s not forget A&K’s Christmas show for 2018, Santa & the Goblin Market, a merry and musical Christmas Adventure starring Martin Riley as Santa Claus, Luke Dickson as Tricksy Pixy, Kathleen Yore as Scary Fairy, and featuring the Goblin King as himself! Santa & the Goblin Marketwill be coming to schools and community venues, and is available for the whole school.