MoUS refit

McFugger and Freitag are working on the space time portal that is the Museum Of Untold Stories even now. Your chance to see their work and to meet Mutha's staff is on Saturday February 16th February and on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the 19th, 21st and 22nd in Kirkgate Market Leeds City Centre. If you are shopping, stop and get investigating!

Well done the children of Parklands!

Grimknickers up in smoke but we still need help from Clapgate, and lots of others too!

Oh no Grimknickers is on the go again!

..... and rumour has it that unless Lorraine de Lisle finds the right children it will rain for ever in Lyonesse. Those of you who know what I mean will know what I mean!

In rehearsal

Been a great week so far in the portacabin. The Museum of Untold Stories is evolving and finding new and exciting forms...Here's Juniper practising her loop the loop!

The Museum Of Untold Stories .......

..... is off into rehearsal next week.
The company is Luke Dickson, Carry Franklin, Kathryn Hanke and Will Tristram and the show opens during the week beginning February 18 in Kirkgate Market, Leeds. They'll be joined by Deborah Pakkar-Hull with her outside director's eye. 
We've already toured the show to primary schools and now we are developing it for Leeds Inspired in some unusual places for a family audience - and we'll continue to work in schools too.
If you'd like to book MoUS please contact us at

Hello from the AAK Office Desk

Here we are again - about to launch rehearsals for The Museum Of Untold Stories - about to strike the set and get out for Santa - what was that about getting this done as soon as the show was over???!!! and chasing up the admin jobs. Happy New Year to all.

Santa leaves Kirkgate Market for the North Pole

.... but his audience will miss him. Andrew Wilkinson writes ....

Thank you for a truly magical experience today at the market - Rosemary and Arthur were captivated. Rosemary is particularly happy because she has been able to explain her concerns over our chimney in person to Father Christmas. Absolutely priceless - the magic of Christmas brought to life by AAK.
Trixie Pixie - when did you go to Paul Daniel's magic school - awesome.
I thought the whole thing was perfectly pitched and beautifully done - the writing, venue, set, props, comedy, audience interaction, acting... as a first introduction to theatre it was perfect and very entertaining. 
What a triumph- pats on the back all round. Alive and Kicking devise and deliver absolutely brilliant work.



We are looking for a new home from Easter 2013 when our hut at Farsley Farfield is being demolished to make way for new school buildings. What we need is some storage and rehearsal space. Any offers?

What they are saying ......

....... about Santa Sets His Stall Out ......
Here's what Kirsty Bullen and her family are saying ..... 
Just to let you know that I brought the family down on Saturday to the market and we thoroughly enjoyed the performance!  My daughter (6) was utterly delighted by the whole experience and shrieked excitedly when required, my son (8) really enjoyed it (although pretended to be a little cooler about it) and my husband couldn’t help roaring with laughter every time Santa spoke!  It was a lovely kick-start to Christmas.
Thanks Kirsty

As the wind blows ..... and the snow possibilities gather .....

Not only  the market manager likes SSHSO but Liz Taylor writes .... "Caught up with Santa, Sadie and Tricia Pixie today and a real welcome break from Christmas shopping they were! Really entertaining - loved it!". Thanks Liz
Santa Sets His Stall Out continues next Saturday December 15 at Leeds Kirkgate Market 1030, 1230 and 230