Christmas will never be the same again!

Santa Sets His Stall Out is up and running in Kirkgate Market Leeds. Market manager says " Just what we wanted!" I agree.
Next performances Saturday Dec 8 1030, 1230 and 2.30. Free for children and their families and don't miss the presents!

And here we go - this very day

Santa is Setting His Stall Out this very day at Kirkgate Market Leeds. He doesn't really know much about selling but he is darned good at giving things away as presents. He is at Unit K, 1904 Market Hall, Kirkgate Market, Leeds Centre along with his step-daughter Sadie Claus and a Trixie Pixie at 1030, 1230 and 2 pm and it's free for children and families.

Santa with Stephanie, Martin and Luke

Santa is now in rehearsal at Farsley Farfield Primary School and opens next Saturday at Kirkgate Market, Leeds 10.30, 12.30 and 2 pm. Be there!

Something to warm us up tonight

Cheese, onion and potato pie - not that Princess Leonora would approve unless the curse of Augusta Grimknickers is broken at Meadowfield, Holy Family, Middleton and Wykebeck before Christmas.
And here's some terrific artwork from Farsley Farfield after some JM and gang drama work this week -

Santa update

Look out! Santa is coming to Leeds Market!
Santa’s stepdaughter, Sadie Claus, has booked a stall on Leeds Market every Saturday this December. And she’s asked Santa to help her!
She knows children and their parents would love to meet him, so these are the times he will be there: 10.30 am, 12.30 pm and 2.30 pm
If children arrive at those times, they will be able to gather inside the Market Stall and meet Santa. (No charge!) There’ll be room for about thirty. The fun will last for approximately half an hour, and she’s hoping Santa will bring some little pre-Christmas presents with him to give away to the children.
But, watch out! Amongst all the elves who help Santa at Christmas there’s one Pixie. He’s called Trixy Pixie and if he turns up – there’ll be trouble. There always is!

The Museum Of Untold Stories - available to book

All the stories submitted by the children in the eight schools we have worked with so far are now published without any editing on our page for Children. There's some scary, some funny, some tantalising and some plain hilarious. Do have a  look to see if yours is there and let us know what you think of other people's.
And if your school or community venue hasn't been visited yet - hold on. We'll be opening up the space time portal in the new year. If you'd like to invite us to your school or community venue  please contact us via the bookings page.

The Princess Who Couldn't Play - open for bookings

We are touring The Princess Who Couldn't Play  at the moment and we are able to offer schools new to our sponsors a two day version during January and February 2013 at a hugely reduced rate.
An invitation to teachers ........ would you like to visit The Princess Who Couldn't Play while it's in Leeds schools during November and December to see if it would fit into your planning? If so please ring 07775 782603 and we'll arrange your visit.
The Princess Who Couldn't Play offers a range of cross-curricular opportunities and community links and is designed for Years 1 and 2.
With sponsorship we are able to reduce the price to £690  and for this you would get:
2 full days with the company with 2 Year 1 /2 classes in which they encounter two of the people of Lyonesse - the Ambassador who is looking for the right children to lift a curse from the shoulders of the second visitor, Princess Leonora
Access to our teachers' resource pack specially designed by Andrew Wilkinson, teacher  from Farsley Farfield Primary School
Full briefing notes
An opportunity to involve parents, carers and local community members
A brand new way of developing teaching and learning
More details on Our Projects page.

The Princess at St Philips

Yesterday was one of those days that we at A&K keep working for. The children of St Philips, Middleton worked their own brand of magic on a very grumpy Princess. It was a day full of excitement, trepidation, laughter and tears...but most of all, incredible joy. Thank you to Liz Taylor and her wonderful staff for inviting us back, time and again, to a magical place to make stories come to life. 

Great news

We have found our Sadie Claus for Santa Sets His Stall Out, our fabulous Christmas event at Kirkgate Market, Leeds, which runs every Saturday in December. She's Stephanie Walls. 


Stephanie, writes:

On the 5th of December 1986 my mum went into labour whilst standing behind her market stall in Seacroft market, Leeds. She was at work as usual because I wasn’t supposed to make an appearance until late February – but I clearly decided Christmas was too exciting a prospect to miss out on, so I showed up early. I wasn’t disappointed by the magic of Christmas and it remains my favourite time of year! I spent my childhood around the market stall and when Seacroft Market closed down to make way for a big old Tesco’s – my mum began to work on Leeds market where I worked alongside her as a teenager. So – when I saw your advertisement suggesting I could combine my love of Christmas, market stalls, working with children and of course theatre – I couldn’t quite believe my eyes! AND it’s taking place in my hometown in the very market I had my first job in!  
Hello and welcome Stephanie! watch out Kirkgate Market. Here we come!


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