And now .....

As autumn looks at us and we stare back, the world of Princess Leonora turns in the search for the right children to lift the curse placed upon her by Augusta Grimknickers. And we begin to offer schools new to our sponsors a really good deal on booking their part in the search. Go to bookings to find out more.
Fascinating auditions for the role of Sadie Claus in our christmas show with a great clutch of hopefuls. Watch this space for the result. Many thanks to New Bewerley Community School for hosting us.
Our garage roof has one late flowering- a single very small sunflower I think. Oh and I am beginning to write the interim report to Arts Council England after we have completed phase 1  of The Museum Of Untold Stories. Phase 2, supported by Leeds Insprired will be visiting some unusual places.


Have been out of contact for a little while but here we are again.

Excitement rises ..........
.......... as The Princess Who Couldn't Play moves on with Carry and Kathryn from Leeds to Bradford and Martin and John get ready to run auditions for Santa Sets His Stall Out on Thursday next.
Here's the Santa blurb

It’s the month before Christmas and Santa’s relative, Sadie Claus, has taken a stall in Leeds Market selling all sorts of Christmas Novelties and Gifts. She’s snowed under with all the work and has asked  Santa, to fly down from the North Pole and give her some help on Saturdays when she’s at her busiest. After all, she says, it’s the elves and pixies that do all the making and wrapping – all that Santa does is climb up and down chimneys and stuff himself with mince pies!
Watch out for Santa in Kirkgate Market every Saturday in December.


Off we go again

Leaks in the roof, soggy floor cloths, no biscuits - but we are off again.
Rehearsals for The Princess Who Couldn't Play in its new format have begun and we will be auditioning for Santa Sets Out His Stall soon. We'd be happy to invite you to see our work if you'd like to join us. Just go to the contact page and drop us a line.

Female actor wanted

Alive And Kicking are searching for a female actor to work on an interactive site-specific children’s Christmas project, this year, in Kirkgate Market, Leeds – to be performed on a market stall.
Santa Sets Out His Stall - an adventure for children and their families
We are looking for a warm, outgoing, energetic, characterful performer who is used to audience interaction and storytelling and with experience of improvisation, comedy and street theatre.
If this could be you - please download an application pack from the Get Involved  / Vacancies page of our website at and return your details before Wednesday September 19th.

Vacancy with Alive And Kicking

Watch out if you can offer a mixture of intimate theatre and street theatre skills. Make what you will of that! We'll be posting details of a pre-Christmas show soon.

And here we are in Bramley

At St Peter's Primary School  ....  the portal has landed and the untold stories are becoming told. Visits this week from local arts workers who are finding themselves in the work from the word go. No sitting in the corners everybody. We are gentle though as any of the children will tell you.

Cinders meets Rapunzel

Quite by chance our Cinderella met her Rapunzel this week. Of course if you are the type who says THAT"S WRONG then that's up to you. For us there was a recognition of fairy tale genre somewhere in there and we were delighted with the outcome. Of course the childen knew what was what and they proved that when they retold the end of the story for us.
Well done all you in Reception at Hob Moor and well done your teachers too. We had such a lovely time at the ball and what about the smile on the king's face. And they all - Prince and Cinders - lived you know what - say it with me - H...y Ev.r A...r
Not sure quite what happened to the W..... St..m..h.r and the Ug..

Great stories coming in to the Muthaship

The stories for the Book of Untold Stories are beginning to flood in. Great work from Fearnville Primary - nearly every child has written up a brilliant story for the Broken Crown or the mysterious Clock and Hammer. Have a look on the Children's Pages and follow the llnk for MOUS and the objects to read all of the stories. 

Cinders at Hob Moor

Don't think the reception children have guessed what we are up to yet. Of course they will if they see this but here goes anyway.
Off we went up the froad, past the mountain, the bumpy bits, through the valley, alongside the river and squelching through the swamp, over the bridge until we got to the palace. Oh poor Doris the doorkeeper. Ah the wonderful chicken man and his wife. Where did that pile of horse muck get to?
And Monica and Mavis the maids. Something tell s me I know who is going to become Cinders when we visit the Wicked Stepmother's house next week.
Meanwhile the villagers are busy preparing the ball to celebrate the king's 100th birthday. How things might change if the King's son got to dance again. We'll see.

Feedback from Fearnville


We had a great time this week as you will see from what a teacher from Fearnville writes:
"Can I say a huge thank you to your fantastic people Carry and Stokey. We had an amazing time today - both classes........ The class who went this morning, went back to class and spent Friday afternoon writing their stories.
My class went this afternoon and will write their stories next week. I know it is just what the children at Fearnville need to inspire them.
Thank you once again and keep up the fantastic work."
It's great to have this feedback - thank you Fearnville.