Here we go again

Rehearsals for the Museum Of Untold Stories are well underway and strange sightings of peculiar people dressed in peculiar clothing are to be seen in Alive and Kicking's base at Farsley Farfield.
The AAK portal will be landing in Farsley Farfield Primary School, Pudsey Tyersal Primary School, Beeston St Anthony's Primary School, Clapgate Primary School, Hob Moor Primary School and Bramley St Peter's Primary School over the next few weeks and groups from Fearnville Primary will be searching the horizon to see if they can spot it somewhere near their area too.
The swifts are back, so summer must be coming. And so is MoUS.


I thought it was fantastic meeting Juniper Jackson ( sorry if I have spelt it wrong). Best time ever at school!

Lovely to hear from you.

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Day Three at New Bewerley

Yesterday was our final Day One at New Bewerley Primary School. The rain poured down all day long - but the hall was full of sunshine and laughter as the children of Year 3 /4 worked hard to bring the story of Granny's Underground Garden to life. Highlights of the day were a fantastically stompy Baron Overblow  and an Old Lady who spoke the most extraordinary curse before dropping down dead. The people from the village had spread rumours like wildfire - the worm had ten heads, ten eyes and was ten feet long!
At the meeting of the Ferrish, Ouzle gathered strong support and nearly every Ferrish in the room except for Teazle and one loyal supporter leapt to their feet to rescue Granny...such excitement. When the ship caught fire just as they were setting off, the Ferrrish already had their bailing buckets at hand...a more ready bunch of Ferrish sailors we have never seen. Looking forward to seeing what happens next week...
What were your favourite parts of the day? 


Thankyou for coming to new bewerley.I really enjoyed Granny's Underground Garden. But, our favorite part was when we made the potion! Even though, it was Yuckyy,we enjoyed it!

Granny says: 'Yucky??? You should try Yucky!! Now, how about the ingredients for the potion to turn your teachers' face blue??'

I think the Worzlum was really scary!!!!

it was relly fun i thot that the poshon was riyl i was skerd when i testind it it was dilishs and i hav mekt a poshn is well its inkety ponket lik mek my salf to smerfs pank palk falk make you talk make the poshon kiwik and stif that haw it goz thankyou so much for kumink to ne bewerley shool there was so much fun

thank you for coming to new bewerleyi really enjoyed grannys underground garden but my favorite part was when we met the worslam it was ugly

I was the one that gave the fish and chips the ferish fish and chip job was really fun thank you for coming to new bewerly community school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when are you coming back Carry and luke we can not wait to see you agane .

hery up and come back soon with anover story now now now

We'd love to come back soon with another story...have you had any ideas for a good one?

I loved all of it but my faveret bit was when we drank the poitoin it was really yucky but chelsea liked it.

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Mr Hirsch and the Year 4's at New Bewerley

What a great day at New Bewerley with Mr Hirsch, Miss Head and the Year Fours. We met a Granny who cleaned her nose with a toothbrush and one who could chew her own toenails!! Recipes for Granny included Brocolli Icecream with an asparagus flake - yum! When Charlie and Rhys found out they were going to Granny's house for the weekend, Charlie fell to her knees to beg and plead but it didn't make any they went. After a heated discussion between the Ferrish, we decided to rescue Granny from the Worzlum and to try and persuade Teazle that living Uptop wouldn't really that bad - especially with Elland Road to visit! It was a really exciting and creative day and we can't wait to see you all next Wednesday for more adventures in Granny's Underground Garden.... 


Thankyou very much for coming to new bewerly . I really enjoyed Granny's under ground garden act. My favorite part was when me and Khadijah acted as the dying swan, it was very funny and realistic. We will miss you and hope you come back soon.

You were AMAZING dying swans - Madame Esmerelda was most impressed!

thank you for coming to new bewerley. I really liked the bit were we made the potion it tastid nice i made 1 at home with cola, banana milk shake , lucazad and blue berrys is tastid yuke!!!!!!

thank you we really liked when we drank the poition and grannrdy weaed acsent she is the bast hope you come back

Hoorah! Mr Hirsch remembered to get you all on the blog!! We had a such a good time at New Bewerley - and really look forward to seeing you all again. Have you discovered the potion to make your teacher's face turn blue?

Thankyou very much for coming to newberly. I really enjoyed granny's underground - garden act. my favorite part was when me and Levi acted as Rhys and charlie having an argument for who broke the foutain. hope you come back soon .

Thank you for coming to new bewerley. liked the hole story but we most liked when we dranked the potion.We thort of are own recipe banana milk shacke cola blue berrys it tastid yuke. We olso liked when we had a fought with the boy's and we liked the bit when we did bala.

Thankyou very much for coming to New Bewerley.I really enjoyed Granny's Underground Garden.My favorite part was when we were dancing the ballet!

Thank you very much for coming to New Bewerley.I really enjoyed Granny's underground garden.My favorite part was when we make potion.

Thank you very much for coming to New Bewerley.I realy enjoyed granny's underground favorite part was when we dancing the ballet and when we make potion!

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Day One at New Bewerley

The final two weeks of Granny's Underground Garden kicked off today with our first visit to New Bewerley School, Beeston. We are in New Bewerley three times this week and next - which is fantastic - it will give us a chance to really work with the staff and children and take root a watch out NB... We began our marathon with the wonderful Year 3 who made us welcome from the minute we stumbled into their classroom with our strange case. The morning began with a wonderful punishment for Charlotte and Alicia - who had to spend the whole weekend at their Headteacher's cleaning her house from top to bottom - with a toothbrush! Recipes for Granny included Beetroot and Mint Icecream - which some of the staff quite fancied. We then met a burping Granny, a falling over Granny and a dancing Granny - what a collection. And Baron Overblow knew how to stomp a bit!!
My favourite bit of the day, however, was the creation of the Ferrish village. We had workers who dug holes, sculpted rocks, put out volcanoes and caught fish - the school and the market place were full of Ferrish wonders. Great work! 
We are really looking forward to more next Monday. And don't forget Year 3 - keep those lips zipped - both ways!!


please come back soon

How did you make the poshen because it did tast nice how did you make it!! Come back soon!!

It must have been the special Ferrish toenails... Have you thought of any other potion recipes? Granny would love to hear them.

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New Easter Recipes

The Alive and Kicking crew have been off on their Easter break -but it look like some people have been busy - dreaming up new recipes for Granny's Cookbook. Have a look on the Children's Pages and follow the link for Granny's Underground Garden for some amazing new concoctions including Mint Icecream with Pea Sprinkles, Sproutberry Trifle and Cauliflour Chocolate Brownies. Granny has invited Rhys and Charlotte over for Easter Sunday dinner - and is planning to try some of these out! 

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A short pause

Wheeeee it's nearly Easter so no more blogs from me for a couple of weeks unless ...... 

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Back to Ash Tree, with the Peacocks (not Pheasants! thanks Dylan) this time

The arguments between Charlie and Rhys really took off today.  Year 4 didn't just listen to each other respond brilliantly they also did some great acting.  Really believable. 
The same was true for the old lady in Granny's story.  Her voice was so wobbly she could have been at least a hundred.
With regard to the Worzlum pictures, one of our artistic geniuses saw fit to label the fangs on his picture with: Can tell tooth paste has never been seen on his shopping list!
See you next Thursday Peacocks!
Luke and Carry


It's peacock not pheasant!!!!!

oops! sometimes hard to tell a female pheasant from a male peacock!!

ide like to be a pheasant???

thanks for e-mailing luke and carry!!!

are you going to change it or what?!



Hello Im the one that spilt the posion on the table on thursday and i was the old granny. I realy liked everything. my favorite part was the posion part with the worzlum ille be writing an underground story in our class lolxxxx.

Ive come up with some good recipes for grannys cook book. This ones called crumage its got cabbage on top of the crumble and sprout juice at the bottom. dicusting!!!.And an ice-cream called ice-ion itsgot a onion flake and chocolate buttons that are horse poo and at the botton theres mash patato and carrot syrup on top. the cone is made out of onion and has olives and cucumber inside.ontop bogie flakes for sprinkles GROSE!!! And i realy injoyed your drama i did a good old granny didnt i. tell me what was your favorite part and tell me why i loved it hope you come back again PLEASE!!!!!!! lol bye!!!

Wow Mollie - these recipes are fantastic. Crummage _ i love it - reckon it will catch on. I am going to send them to Granny right away - if that is ok with you? Now, my favourite parts of the story are always when the children have got hold of the action - I love the dance to hypnotise the Worzlum and when Charlie and Rhys have to get past Mum and Dad and back to the mole machine - nothing like thinking on your feet. So glad you enjoyed it - really hope to come back soon - ask your Headteacher!! Carry

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Bramley St Peter's get a load of Granny

Stomp, stomp, stomp!  I can honestly say we've never had such a stompy Baron Overblow yet.  What a stomper, the whole Gym shook. 
The rumours flew like wild fire around Wyrmslow village as the Worzlum grew to be ferociously big.  It really was the creepiest story by Granny.  Not least because, as one year three pupil pointed out, Carry's hair looked like she'd had an electric shock!  Tee hee. - That's Luke sniggering.
Looking forward to Tuesday St Peter's.  Keep up the good work.
Carry and Luke


Thank you for coming to New Bewerley we really enjoying the potion and the werzlam it was ugly like a devil and we liked it when you acted like the old case was heavy please come back soon!

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From the Alive And Kicking Office Desk

And here we are, fingers poised, telephone silent at the moment, hooray, and in front of me the schedule for Granny's Underground Garden which only has two slots left before Easter.
So I'm mixing up some of Granny's potion, thinking of a spell Grimknickers might help with if she ever gets into a good mood, and looking for the courage Gwyneth had when she faced the unicorn.
Then I'll ring Ash Tree Primary School - no courage really needed - they are delightful!!!!


please please please can you come back to hob moor primary school we all love you you are great if you can come back can it be this year because we leave next year please XD xxxxxxxxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Sophie and Megan Hope you are having a great half term. The good news is - We WILL return to Hobmoor before you leave. We will be bringing our new project, the Museum of Untold Stories to the whole school in the Summer term - so will definitely work with you guys then. We can't wait - you are such crackers!! Meanwhile, keep writing stories. and dreaming dreams. Carry

Yay! I've been wanting you to come back sooo much :]

How is Reece spellt,Rhys or Reece!

Rhys ( the Welsh way I think...) Where does the name 'Artemiy' come from and what does it mean?

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Granny goes to Seven Hills Primary School

Carry and Luke want to say a big thank you to Year 4 at Seven Hills.  We've seen and done it all today, from dancing Granny's telling their gandchildren if they, "don't like it they can go to bed!"  to some brilliant ballet in Madam Esmerallda's dance class.  The dance of the dying swan was exquisite.  All of this AND the class managed to produce an entire book of Granny's recipes in the ten minutes before lunch!  Granny was very proud.   Can't wait to see you all again this coming Tuesday.  We imagine we will be met by some fairly fearsome pictures of the Worzlum.

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