Summer term - Off we go!

And so into the summer term we go! Hope you're all well and not too full of chocolate following the Easter weekend.
Lot's happening this term, Bottom of the Sea, Lighthouse Island, Vikings Workshops and John still doing his research project with Leeds Beckett Uni. Also, a big welcome to Yu-Chen and Sarah, two students who will be joining us for research and work experience this term. Looking forward to working with you both and hearing your feedback and ideas on how we work.

Busy times

Busy week AT AAK this week. Luke Dickson has been a Genie in Richmond Hill Primary. John MEE and Anthony Haddon have been at St Philips with Marvelous Monarchs. As part our Parent Plus programme several parents joined the children John and Ant this week. Here's what they had to say about the experience: didn’t expect my little girl to be so confident. She started off shy but I didn’t expect her to join in so much. It was because of the way you were with her. You let them have their own imagination. You let her be happy in what she was doing. I didn’t think they would know as much as they did. Also, Luke and Martin have been hooking up to discuss this year's Christmas show! (Yes I know it's only March). Here's a pic from last year's rehearsals to wet you appetite.

Alive and Kicking 2017

Hello one and all from Alive and Kicking
Luke here, your new Artistic Director for the company.  Many of you may know we have a new Producer, Ammie Flexen.  It's a very busy time for AAK. We're hard at work reshaping the company at the moment and plannng projects that will take us trough the next 18 months... and beyond.
As well as that, this term we're in schools with Genie, Museum of Untold Stories and Bottom of the Sea! Did I mention we were busy?
We are also involved in a joint research project with Leeds Beckett University and Burley Woodhead CE Primary. Headed up by our very own John Mee no less.
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The last AAK blog from me - John Mee

But there will be more coming from our new artisitic director, Luke Dickson and our new company manager, Ammie Flexen.
So. thanks for reading my kitchen table moments and toodleoo!

That was September!

Well - The Island for Horsforth Newlaithes (photo memory herewith) and the first of this year's runs of Genie are over and now on to Egyptians,Tales @ Twilight, Building Imaginary Worlds, The Woman At The Top Of The Mountain and Crime And Punishment before we launch into Santa and The Goblin Market. Our special miscellany! More info from our new company manager Ammie Flexen on 07961 941862

From September 6 onwards .....

Fresh out of the starting blocks at Alive And Kicking ..... The Island with Martin Riley and John Mee.
It’s autumn in the year 55 B.C. To the Romans it would have been The Year of the Consulship of Crassus and Pompey, to the Greeks, The 181st Olympiad Year 2 and to the Egyptians, The Month of Akhet in the last year of the reign of Berenike 1V. But, no matter what you call it, it’s the year that Julius Caesar invaded Britain!
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Nearly the summer hols .....

...back soon looking even lovelier than this but don't be afraid to ring or email if you would like to book our work or just to have a hello!

New artistic director

We are delighted to announce that, in addition to the recent appointment of Ammie Flexen as Company Manager, we now have Luke Dickson as our Artistic Director. He's the one with the beard.
Two really important moves for Alive And Kicking and two very exciting ones!
Meanwhile John Mee and Martin Riley will continue to work with the company in their new roles as Associate Directors which will enable them to be in support roles, to create and deliver work for the company and to be company ambassadors in schools and communty settings.

Hooray! Big News!

We’ve been busy for a little while but now part of the fruits of our work is an announcement …….. We are delighted to let you know that we have invited Ammie Flexen to take up the post of company manager and Ammie has accepted our offer.
Amongst a range of exciting freelance work Ammie is currently company manager for Tell Tale Hearts, a post that she is leaving this summer, so she has terrific background in our work, and she is great to be with as we found out in her interview.
Here she is pictured in the South Of France!!!! Ah no - should have been Watching the Tour de France .....

A huge thank you

.... to all the schools, children, teachers and families who have been part of our work in the school year now ending.
We are off into an exciting planning period, more news of which to come shortly.
Thanks from all of us - from those on the board, in the core company and our associates ..... 
Andrew, Anthony, Bill, Jackie, Jess, John, Kathryn, Liz, Luke, Martin, Peter, Phoebe, Richard and Stella - a bit of a gang!
...... and to our funders and supporters without whom .... well you know the rest!