Last days of September

Crowheart is really underway now with its first run of the two day piece complete and Phoebe and Luke are already off into the second group of schools.
…. and I’m in Meadowfield Primary living as Giles the Goosekeeper on this island. Will let you know how it goes.

Off into day two of Crowheart

Crowheart by Alive And Kicking's Martin Riley is now up and running. This week Luke Dickson (Gaius the Roman soldier and a hundred other roles) and Phoebe Gann (Briacca Crowheart the Celtic warrior and a hundred other roles) along with fifty children and their teachers in Belle Isle Leeds are off into day two of this two day primary school year 4/5/6 interactive adventure. As the forces of the Romans and the Celts bear down upon them how will they survive? And how will they hide the Eagle of the Ninth? Bookings on 0113 265 8631.

Crowheart is go!

And we are off. Crowheart opens today here in Leeds and goes right through until Easter.

And here they are .....

Crowheart is growing. Luke and Phoebe getting into role - and costume. Bookings on 0113 265 8631

Designs on the way for Crowheart Whoops no heads!

Here's the starting point from Emma Williams for the design for our brand new piece Crowheart which opens on September 16.  Lots more information on this website. Our web maestro, Mike Harris from Rural Creative is on honeymoon!!!! Congratulations Mike. And if you would like to have a look at the resource pack for Crowheart it's on the Teachers page on this website and you can open it with the password briganti.

And off we go!

And off we go! Rehearsals for Crowheart start today hooray!

Here we go .......

And now, the company has had a great time at the first read through for Crowheart in Martin Riley's shed. Phoebe Gann as the Celtic Briacca Crowheart and Luke Dickson as the Charioteer Gaius Paulus Corvus. Plus all sorts of roles for young people in years 4, 5 and 6 and their families. Much more info at or ring John Mee on 0113 265 8631 for booking information.

Crowheart begins to breath

I'm off to first read through of Alive And Kicking's Crowheart this Friday in Martin Riley's shed. Bacon sandwiches promised as well as the company of the company for Crowheart - Luke Dickson and Phoebe Gann.
Pic of Luke as Abdul Ahktar in The Princess and the Genie - the one with the beard!. Wait till you see him as Gaius Catterix in Crowheart! Armour is promised! And Phoebe has a wonderful Boudicca - like gaze. Pic to follow!

It's oh so nice .....

Look .... I managed to get through the rain, away from my Alive And Kicking desk (otherwise known as the kitchen table) and out into the holly in the garden! Happy to rush back if you ring 0113 265 8631 to make a booking for our new autumn show Crowheart from the magical and mysterious pen of Martin Riley to be brought to life by Phoebe Gann, Luke Dickson and about 800 children and teachers, one class at a time!

Even though it's the summer ....

.... traditionally the dark time for theatre workers here I am in case you need to book any of the Alive And Kicking 2015 - 2016 portfolio and I have had a haircut!