A whole family .....

Feedback from Bev Moore who has three children at St Chad’s collected by Martin Riley who has been St Chad's story consultant.
“I have 3 girls at the school in years 1,3 and 5.
They have all done work with Alive and Kicking and loved it.
The younger one especially – while it was on she really looked forward to going to school in the mornings and talked about it at home all the time. It’s really important and valuable these days when there’s so much push and grind, that children get a chance to do something creative."
Get that into the new curriculum!

Got to get to school .......

because .... here's the story from a Leeds school in the middle of Granny's Underground Garden.
“One of our children was late getting up this morning and his mam said he didn’t have to rush, she’d phone in sick for him. He had a chance for a day off, but he told his mam “no way”. The reason he was so determined to get to school was because he was doing a project with Alive & Kicking and he was desperate not to miss anything!”
That hits the spot!

There she was and now she's gone!

Aisling Baxter, student from Edge Hill University, has been with us for two weeks. Aisling writes:
"The last two weeks working with the Alive and Kicking Theatre Company has been an incredibly enjoyable experience but also a really good learning opportunity.  Everybody involved has been very welcoming and friendly,  I definitely felt like part of the team whilst I was there. 
The concept of taking the children’s ideas and making them part of the story is a great way of working.  It allows the children to fully immerse themselves in the story and want to find out where the story’s going.  It was lovely to experience the different range of ages too.  I could see how the older years really enjoyed the more physical and interactive parts whilst acting out the parts of Reece and Charlotte in Granny’s Underground Garden, in comparison to the little years who were focused and engaged as a whole for a surprising amount of time considering how young they are. 
I’ve had a fantastic two weeks with all the group and wish them all the best and a huge thank you.  I’d love to do something like this again in the future."
Bye Aisling!

Headingley Youth Music Festival

Martin has been Boggarting there and enjoyed the ice cream enormously!

Great news

Arts Council England have agreed to part fund the production of our new piece for Key Stage 1 children, theit teachers and their families - The Princess And The Genie. Contact us for booking details. Early bird discounts available!

Rehearsal Space

We are looking for a rehearsal space in or near Leeds for the following dates. 
The 5 days beginning April 14 and April 22.
If you could help please ring 0113 265 8631.

What a beginning to Christmas

First of all brass band outdoors - superbly mellow and a chat with a lady and a shopping basket and then .......
Hilarious story, fabulous songs, terrific fun, brilliant designs and a great time was had by all at Santa And The Star Fruit. And it's on again next Saturday 1030, 1230, 2.30 Unit K in the 1904 market hall at Kirkgate Market, Leeds City Centre. And if you happen to be at St Chad's Primary School Headingley next Friday it's on there  too with a special family performance at 3.30.

Here comes Santa

This Saturday at 1030, 1230 and 2.30 in Unit K 1904 Market Hall in Leeds City Centre Kirkgate Market -  Follow the adventures of Little Bud and Victoria Plum as they try to save Fruit Salad City from Rotten Tomato. Sing along with Mamma Mango, take a trip to Pomegranate Planet and finally step into those big yellow boots and do a seasonal stomp with the fabulous Big Banana!  It's Santa And The Star Fruit and IT"S FREE. Here's a pic from last year.

Santa And The Star Fruit opens this week

Next Saturday Alive And Kicking opens Santa And The Star Fruit, a 45 minute Christmas mini-musical for all the family, in the Victorian market stall Unit K in the 1904 Market Hall at Kirkgate Market in Leeds City Centre. The show times are 10.30, 12.30 and 2.30 on Saturdays November 30, December 7, 14 and 21. More information at email AND IT'S FREE!




What a week last week was

Phew what a week and from now on right up until Christmas AAK is very busy with Gawain, Bottom and Santa.
St Chad's and St Philip's have welcomed Luke and Kathryn, Martin and myself,  and the extended version of Gawain is well into its first outing. Medieval boasts, the training of knights, stories of the quest to find the Green Knight all support and extend the work of the two full days which Kathryn and Luke are working on. 
Mathematics and Gawain figured largely in one class at St Philip's with a visiting head teacher congratulating the class and their teacher in the highest possible way. That's the strength of our portfolio. We build imaginary communities and the lives of people therein. So if you want to design, write, count, investigate, explore, think, face the future - you can do it with AAK!
And here's proof in the picture from St Anthony's Beeston. Great smiles and sideboards!