After a short pause ....

.... here I am again. Thanks to Sherida Perry from Greenmount Primary for her comments on a recent Bottom!!!
The children loved the session; they went back to class filled with enthusiasm of what they had seen. They were so engaged and focused for over 2 hours. This was because they were involved at all points during the session, moving, joining with key phrases, acting, singing the list goes on. They were learning through doing! 
I loved the idea of plotting the story on the paper through illustrations then taking it to a new level of acting it out using the children as prop. All the children were  involved and they were intrigued to see what would be happening next!  I will use the idea again and the character telling a story within the story. Alive and Kicking have been fantastic and I look forward to seeing what story they bring next year....! 
I wouldnt give advice I think you have it right!!

Another Alive And Kicking partnership

Tommy Foggo , Superhero! – a one hour musical adventure.  From 28th September to 2nd October 2015
Tommy’s mum had told him to wait for her at the bus stop and never showed up again. It felt to Tommy like he’d been stuck there for a zillion years, even after he’d been taken to live in the children’s home. And then, one day, he ran away – to the seaside. He was looking for an Italian ice-cream but, instead, he found Destino, a talking Cello with a mission.
Join Tommy Foggo and his hench-honcho, Destino da Cello, as they travel into the depths of the ocean to rescue the Lost Queen of Atlantis and save us all from the giant, venomous and cold blooded Kraken of the Deep.
Brought to you by award-winning composer and writer Stephen Deazley and Martin Riley and international cellist, singer and actor, Matthew Sharp - 'virtuoso of the arts' The Times. What they say about Martin and Stephen’s work: “It was the best day of my life.” “You kept all the children completely enthralled.” “Stephen is a National treasure” “Without exaggeration it was one of the best weeks of my professional career.”Bryan Peterson, Music Development Officer, Shetland Arts
Suitable for KS2 in any numbers. Storytelling with music available for KS1
Music and story Workshop for `KS2 classes  also available.
Contact John Mee
0113 265 8631  07775 782603

Here before your very you-know-whats ….

..... an opportunity you mustn’t miss from Alive And Kicking. Are you looking for a morning of poetry and fun or a celebrity appearance for your school summer fair or community festival? Or a moment of sheer whoopee as time out in a curriculum planning day? Here’s just the thing to gear yourselves up for the summer holidays.
The Pier Boys (Indoor and Outdoor Entertainment Company)
Present: (In partnership with Alive & Kicking Theatre Leeds) 
“Seaside Spectacular”
Nonsense Poetry and Comic Verse in Performance!
William Tanner & Martin Riley bring you fifty minutes of deep-sea nonsense poetry in a fast moving active style. “Funny, physical, interactive and right on the button.” “I laughed till I cried and then realised there was a point to it all!” 
In no time at all, the show moves from the sublimely ridiculous to the ridiculously sublime with lots of room for audience participation. The material includes The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll, The Sneeches who live on the Beaches by Dr Seuss, The Clam by Shelley Silverstein and their own unique creations, The Song of The Barnacles, Sid Da Squid Underwater Detective, Crab-school and The Private Life of The Plankton.
The Pier Boys have performed on the beach, in schools, in pubs, folk clubs, poetry clubs and festivals, on the radio and on children’s television. They are now available from 18th July 2015 for just a few performances and workshops in schools in Leeds.
And they are cheap at half the price.
Contact: John Mee at Alive And Kicking
0113 265 8631 and 07775 782603

New plans for next school year

Our plans at Alive And Kicking for the school year 2015 - 2016
From Nursery to Year 6 we have a portfolio that will support and extend the whole primary school curriculum. We can visit schools for a half day, two days or a whole week; we can create workshop sessions and team-teach and we can invite parents and friends of the school to join us to share and take part in working with the children and staff.
For more details phone 0113 265 8631 or email

Bottom on the road

And this week Alive And Kicking is in Sheffield with The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Sea in a primary school new to us and with a group of Year 9 students from Eckington who are working on their devised theatre project. Bookings for the school year 2015/6 now being taken on 0113 265 8631.

We're off again so here we go

And now Granny is on tour. Here's a bit of Day 1. Day 2 rehearsal again tomorrow. 

Welcome back after Easter

Hooray! Off we go again. Into rehearsal goes Granny's Underground Garden. Save The World from The Worzlum with Luke Dickson and Kathryn Hanke, directed in their efforts by Martin Riley and designed by Emma Williams, along with lots of local children in Years 3 and 4!

Last week of term!

Gawain may be finished but you should see our Bottoms! The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Sea is out and about this week accompanied by our stalwart volunteer from West Yorkshire Playhouse Heydays, Peter Gray.

Just to mark ......

 ........ the end of the current tour of Gawain And The Green Knight ..... 420 children, 28 teaching and assistant staff, the Alive And Kicking Creatives and the wonderful Dave Bache and Phoebe Gann. Gawain will be back!

Look out - Granny is on the way

Granny's Underground Garden will be back after Easter. For booking please ring 0113 265 8631. Here's what they say about Granny .... teachers from a Beeston, Leeds school write .....
"What a fabulous time we all had! For two full days, the children have been thoughtful and engaged, thinking about a time we have not before studied and using their imaginations to get inside the heads of characters and think around the events in the story. The children wrote to a high standard. I saw a development in the children's confidence and participation in the action as the time went on and they were drawn further into the story and indeed felt as if they were part of this tale. This was reflected in the quality of their writing. Once again, thank you for your time and fantastic delivery!"
Save the world from the Worzlum!