On the road again

The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Sea is on the road again. Bookings on 0113 265 8631. Come across the fields, over the mountains and down to the harbour where we'll meet Old Tom and his friend The Skipper who needs us to crew her boat, a boat that will take us out into a new world … a world of sails, anchors, scrubbing the decks, fishing, mermaids and story telling with The Queen Of The Bottom Of The Sea. A half-day adventure for Reception and Year 1 children that leads into story making and story telling.

Our new piece for 2015-2016

Briacca Crow-heart and The Lost Legion
It’s the year 122 and The Emperor Hadrian has come to Britain to build a wall. With him he brings the Victrix Legion to replace the Ninth Legion which has mysteriously vanished while on a mission to subdue the Briganti, a Celtic tribe whose territory includes what is now West Yorkshire. Boudicca may have been defeated but her spirit lives on in the person of Briacca Macha, warrior daughter of a Celtic Chief. So when her life is saved by a young Roman Auxilliary, Gaius Catturix, she has a difficult decision to make.
For more information go to In The Pipeline

Half term hoorays!

And here I am taking a break!

This week in schools - and a look at the Summer

Watch out. Granny's Underground Garden is coming soon.
But for now   .....Gawain Gawaining, Workshop Workshopping, Mous MoUSing but no Bottoms Bottoming (not long before they do!) - a busy week for Alive And Kicking. Great MoUS feedback from the BD5 Festival … Luke Broughton writes ...
It was a real pleasure to have you and I have received some great feedback. The teachers have passed on that your team have had a strong impact on the standard of written work. We have a very happy cluster!

Tea break with The Green Knight

Just have a look at Phoebe Gann and The Green Knight - Dave Bache inside there - from Alive And Kicking's Gawain and The Green Knight which is on tour in primary schools for years 5 and 6 until Easter. A few dates left - bookings on 0113 265 8631 and

Just before Christmas 14

A lovely time at St Anthony's with Reception, mums, grandmums and carers. Here's a moment .....

A new Alive And Kicking company

Break a leg (but carefully!) to Phoebe Gann and Dave Bache, the new Alive And Kicking company, who are opening Gawain And The Green Knight for us this week.

On the road again

And off we go again with The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Sea which is running right through until the end of the school year in little bursts if you know what I mean!
Gawain is into the final week of rehearsal slap bang in the middle of Leeds on Floor 16 of The Pinnacle thanks to West Yorkshire Theatre Network and Genie is in the van and off to school. Here's a pic of Old Tom and The Skipper who will be looking for a new crew this week.

Wait for it .... Wait for it ....

Oh go on then ….. Next week at Alive And Kicking!

Off into rehearsals with a brand new Gawain And The Green Knight company -  Phoebe Gann and Dave Bache ready to tour through until Easter. And also next week The Princess And The Genie with Kathryn Hanke and Luke Dickson gets another outing followed swiftly by The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Sea so here’s a photo reminder …..


That's it until the new year!

Merry Christmas from all at Alive And Kicking