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Genie still touring and rehearsing too for Santa

Off into rehearsal this week goes Santa’s merry, musical, magical Christmas Crackers - can’t remember the real title but it’s the action that counts!

On we go

There's no stopping our Genie now. The water jug that never runs dry is only one of the treasures in The Princess And The Genie ... and there's a box that you get in and vanish, a sea serpent to be pacified and an island to save from being drowned underwater.

Watch out .....

Just time to stretch legs, stuff faces, rest backs and scratch armpits and off we go again.
Genie resumes touring tomorrow and we are being hosted by Beeston St Anthony’s where we will be running auditions on Bonfire Day ready for the new tour of Gawain and The Green Knight early in 2015.  Here’s a bit of what it looked like last time …… face pulling desirable but not essential!

Happy half term

And here's to those of the company in Penzance, those moving house (AAAAGGGGHHHH!!), those in Staithes, those gracing Leeds with their presence, those preparing to run auditions, those thinking about making a new show about Roman Britain, those ..... oh go on then, here's a pic to remind you of ...... Charles Brown and Lawrence de Lisle who are both appearing in The Princess And The Genie extended versions about to hit Grange Farm, Cross Gates and White Laith Primary Schools!

Here comes Santa

Santa's Merry And Musical Christmas Crackers  is open for booking in December. Here's a reminder of last year in Kirkgate Market.  For booking in schools and community venues please use the contact page or ring 0113 265 8631,

Bottom is out again

This week at Corpus Christi Primary School. To The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Sea.
Over the mountains, down to the shore and out to sea!

Santa's merry and musical Christmas Crackers

Hooray - we will be in Kirkgate Market Leeds again this Christmas and we'll be touring schools as well. Here's what we are about ....
Santa’s merry and musical Christmas Crackers! An hour of fun for children and families with a very local flavour – now open for booking in schools and community venues.
A roller coaster ride across the rooftops of Leeds, this is an hour of magical, musical and explosively entertaining Christmas Tales from Yorkshire’s famous Alive & Kicking Interactive Theatre Company.
Santa (who looks remarkably like Martin Riley with more whiskers than usual) arrives at your school with a sack-full of the hilarious mishaps he’s had while delivering presents to Leeds children. With the help of his multi-talented and mischievous friends, Tricksy Pixie and Scary Fairy, (who have an amazing likeness to performer and magician Luke Dickson and singer songwriter and puppet-maker Kathleen Yore), he’s ready to bring them to life!
His usual helpers are not in the best of elf, so Santa is forced to take on extra staff: a wickedly wonder-working pixy and that steam-punk tree fairy with the bent wing that you daren’t throw out!
After wizzing round the Armley Gyratory and getting a wetting in the Leeds Liverpool Canal, it becomes a race against the Christmas clock, climaxing in the wild one-minute-to-midnight Goblin Market that takes place in Kirkgate – for those extra special customers.
To book this show for your school contact .. or telephone 0113 265 8631

A special moment

From Matilda to Princess Leonora - this captures a real sense of what we are about in The Princess And The Genie.

You'll see us coming in this ........

The new company van!