You'll see us coming in this ........

The new company van! 

Genie does it!!!

The first celebrations are complete and the Princess And The Genie is up and running.

And here they are

Smiles all round as The Princess And The Genie gets off the ground!

Here we go again .....

Off into a mixture of the magical island of Lyonesse, the Arabian Knights  and some fantastic primary schools in Yorkshire with The Princess And The Genie which opens tomorrow. Wheeeee!

Into rehearsal

Off we go! The Princess And The Genie goes into rehearsal today. Many thanks to Clapgate Primary School in Leeds who are hosting us.

Job with AAK

Please visit Get Involved and go to Vacancies for details.

Off to Eckington High

This Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Kathryn and Martin are taking a new version of Gawain to a Summer School at Eckington High in Sheffield. Thanks to Katherine Kneedham they are getting a 4 course breakfast in a local B and B! Here's a reminder of our Gawain earlier this year.
And Carry and I are meeting up with our sponsors The Frances Muers Trust on Monday to celebrate this year's achievements.  Coffee and cakes in the cafe in Roundhay Park. Hooray!

New company member search

We've been lookng for two new company members.
We've asked Phoebe Gann to join us and she has accepted our invitation. Hooray!
We are still looking for a male company member to join us as we develop further. Expressions of interest to our info email on the home page please.

Two farewells

Here’s to Anthony Haddon who is leaving his post as artistic director at Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah. Ant has been so supportive of AAK work and the scope of his work with The Blahs is enormous. Congratulations Ant and wherever you get taken to by your muse, we want to be there!
And thanks to Farsley Farfield Reception where The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Sea has completed its 2013-2014 run. Here’s the feeling at the very beginning of the adventure.

The Bottom Of The Sea video link

Have a looksee .....
From Farsley Farfield Reception where we had a great time.