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MoUS –The Museum of Untold Stories is on a mission… a mission to keep stories alive!
Every object has a story. Some of them are old, some are magical, some of them are even a little bit dangerous - but all of them have one thing in common in MoUS: they have all lost their stories! Nobody knows why it happens; it’s just one of those things, like nobody knows why we dream, or why toast always lands butter side down if you drop it.  One minute the story is there, the next, whoosh! It just ups and disappears.
The Museum of Untold Stories goes wherever it is needed, searching for objects that have lost their story. In fact, it is coming to somewhere near you soon, and the Museum needs your help… so if you are walking through Leeds Kirkgate Market on Saturday Feb 16, Tuesday Feb 19, Thursday Feb 21 or Friday Feb 22 watch out for MoUS. MoUs is open at 1030 and 1330 each day.

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