MoUS in York and Headingley

We are at Hob Moor at with The Museum Of Untold Stories this week and soon we'll be at the Headingley LitFest at
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This is the story of how the hammer came to be in the clock There were once four witches. One called Destiny, one called Sunset, one called Melody and another called Jeff. One stormy night while the four witches were eating their delicious brew suddenly a thunderous banging echoed around their house. "OPEN THE DOOR NOW," screamed a villager! "OR...OR WE'LL BURN YOU ALIVE!" Screeched another. "What's going on?" Asked Sunset. "I don't know," Melody said petrified. "What's happening?" Sunset said as her eyes filled with tears. "YOU WILL NEVER HURT ANYONE EVER!" A villager stated. "I..I don't know ." Destiny went stiff, she was paralysed with fear! While the house was a blaze, Destiny, the youngest witch grabbed her powerful staff and her prize possession her clock and jumped out of the window. "Where's my daughter?" Asked Jeff as the witches that were in the house slowly melted away. "I shall get my revenge on those evil villagers by cursing this clock and releasing the souls when the clock strikes twelve and then they shall poses all the souls until I am the only person alive!" Cackled Sunset. A meeting was called in the village hall to see what could be done about everyone's souls being possessed by the witch, and losing all of their loved ones. "Lets melt her until she crumbles!" Two boys chorused. "Lets burn her alive!" Five girls screamed. "Well I heard there is a magic hammer that can destroy the clock, reverse time, and bring back anyone that has been possessed!" Announced a bold, brave woman called China. "But who shall be brave enough to go?" Questioned a man called Carlos. "Not me." said a woman in red. In the end Mighty Mike and three others agreed to go back to the church at ten to twelve. To find the hammer and retrieve the others. As Mighty Mike and the three volunteers set foot in the church it was 11: 56 and the ghosts were wandering around the church. As Mighty Mike was about to grab the hammer he heard a cackling sound of laughter behind him. "Spirits of the deadly wood come to this place and vanish good!" It was the witch! The villagers started to distract the witch by calling her names. "Toad face." "Your too weak to be a witch." "Stop howling you dogs." The witch replied. Just as she was about to give them a piece of her mind, Mighty Mike gave the clock a mighty blow. "Nooooooooooo." After she screeched she melted into sand. The ghosts turned into water. They splashed as they hit the cold hard ground! "Hooray!" Mighty Mike and the villagers shouted.

Wow Loren - this is a fantastic story. I have also added it to the object in the Children's Pages so that the Museum of Untold Stories receives it - well done!

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