News of what was and what next

The Museum Of Untold Stories finishes its current school run and we say goodbye to Will Tristram who has been touring with the company in this second phase of MoUSing. Thank you  Will. The festival version with Luke and Kathryn will be at Seacroft and Gipton Galas on July 6 and 7 where it will be accompanied by MoUSlets, tale telling from Martin, describes MoUSlets as "two interactive and entertaining tales each lasting about 30-40 minutes, depending on how carried away we get.

Chanticleer and The Fox This is a fable from France, retold by Geoffrey Chaucer as The Nun’s Priest’s tale and now re-re-told by me. There’s a fox and a cockerel and a hen and a farmer called Marie and her daughter and a cow and a bee – and a whole lot more noisy characters. There’s a mouse in this story but it just squeaks a bit.
The Mouse who Jumped. This stars a little mouse in a big way. It is adapted from a Native American story about the travels an inquisitive and adventurous mouse who leaves Cheese-town on a journey of discovery to find the famous and fabulous Misty Mountain. It’s a mouse-changing adventure!"


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