People We Work With

Carry Franklin
After graduating in English Literature, Carry taught English and Drama for two years at Kilquhanity Free School, the sister school to Summerhill – pupils only came to lessons if they wanted to – she learnt very quickly that the best way to engage children in learning was through active and creative participation. Ever since then, she has been using art and drama to work with young people in a variety of settings including primary schools, children’s centres, Leeds City Art Gallery and the streets of Batley. She is still learning and practising new ways to keep pupils in her ‘lessons’. Carry has been with Alive and Kicking since 2005, working as a performer and facilitator as well as an administrator for the Company. She says “I love the equality of working within a story – once a circle is made, everyone is a participant and has an equal role. I love seeing how drama transforms the reluctant speaker into the leader and how it encourages us all to say ‘Yes!’. I believe that drama is the best portal to writing and love seeing how working through a story on our feet and putting the words into our mouths enables even the most terrified writer to then put pen to paper and let the words flow. ‘ Carry has worked as a shoemaker, lived in a horse box and written a feature film called Susie Gold (Pathe – 2001). At the moment she likes learning how to keep bees, baking and eating cake and digging in the garden looking for treasure.
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