Romans And Celts at Hawksworth Wood

With Caesar tied up and unable to protest, the Sicilian Pirates claimed a ransom from Rome. Little did they realise what was coming their way. Once Caesar was set free he exacted his revenge!!!  Year 4 at Hawksworth Wood found out just what kind of leader he was!  Martin Riley and John Mee from Alive And Kicking took them through slavery, the noblity of Rome, gladiatorial combat, a confrontation at Hadrian’s Wall, a voyage across the seas, a long march north, a new version of Roman Wall Blues and the best Celtic Boasting of all time.  
From Mr Smith   "….. this really set them up for my follow up work in a new and exciting way."
“We don’t get many Roman Centurions in our staff room!” A startled T.A.!

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