There she was and now she's gone!

Aisling Baxter, student from Edge Hill University, has been with us for two weeks. Aisling writes:
"The last two weeks working with the Alive and Kicking Theatre Company has been an incredibly enjoyable experience but also a really good learning opportunity.  Everybody involved has been very welcoming and friendly,  I definitely felt like part of the team whilst I was there. 
The concept of taking the children’s ideas and making them part of the story is a great way of working.  It allows the children to fully immerse themselves in the story and want to find out where the story’s going.  It was lovely to experience the different range of ages too.  I could see how the older years really enjoyed the more physical and interactive parts whilst acting out the parts of Reece and Charlotte in Granny’s Underground Garden, in comparison to the little years who were focused and engaged as a whole for a surprising amount of time considering how young they are. 
I’ve had a fantastic two weeks with all the group and wish them all the best and a huge thank you.  I’d love to do something like this again in the future."
Bye Aisling!

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