Today Saturday June 15

Martin Riley story maker and story teller in Leeds Inspired MoUSlets at the Headingley Youth Music Festival at Shire Oak Primary School
1.00 Chanticleer and The Fox This is a fable from France, retold by Geoffrey Chaucer as The Nun’s Priest’s tale and now re-re-told by Martin. There’s a fox and a cockerel and a hen and a farmer called Marie and her daughter and a cow and a bee – and a whole lot more noisy characters. There’s a mouse in this story but it just squeaks a bit.
3.00 The Mouse who Jumped. This stars a little mouse in a big way. It is adapted from a Native American story about the travels an inquisitive and adventurous mouse who leaves Cheese-town on a journey of discovery to find the famous and fabulous Misty Mountain. It’s a mouse-changing adventure!


I enjoyed the drama class with Agent Karry and Junapa.

We had a great time with your class too Mollie. I hope the sharing on Friday goes well.

As i am one of the children of westwood that they visited i can certainly say that they definitely put a joyful feeling in all of our hearts. Thank you active and kicking.

Great to hear from you.

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