Watch 0ut for Santa, Tricksy Pixie and Scary Fairy in Kirkgate Market

Santa’s merry and musical Christmas Crackers         
Here's that Tricksy Pixie caught in the act!

Beginning November 29 .....The  magical musical interactive tales last an hour in total and are told on the four Saturdays before Christmas and it begins at The Ministry of Food at 11 am 1 pm and 3 pm in the 1970’s section of Kirkgate Market

 Meet at ten minutes to the hour either with Tricksy and Scary at The Ministry of Food or with Santa beside the Reindeer Pen in the outdoor market and travel with them carnival style around the market! There will be surprises!

FREE Christmas fun at Kirkgate Market for children and families with a very local flavour
A roller coaster ride across the rooftops of Leeds, a collection of magical, musical and explosively entertaining Christmas Tales from Yorkshire’s famous Alive & Kicking Interactive Theatre Company. 
Santa, surely a relative of Martin Riley, arrives at Kirkgate Market with a sack-full of the hilarious mishaps he’s had while delivering presents to Leeds children.
With the help of his multi-talented and mischievous friends, Tricksy Pixie and Scary Fairy, (who have an amazing likeness to performer and magician Luke Dickson and singer songwriter and puppet-maker Kathleen Yore), he’s ready to bring them to life!
 His usual helpers are not in the best of elf, so Santa is forced to take on extra staff: a wickedly wonder-working pixy and that steam-punk tree fairy with the bent wing that you daren’t throw out!
 After whizzing round the Town Hall and getting a wetting in the Leeds Liverpool Canal, it becomes a race against the Christmas clock, climaxing in the wild one-minute-to-midnight “Last Minute” Goblin Market that takes place in Kirkgate – for those extra special customers.





What a fantastic performance and so inclusive - our son thoroughly enjoyed the performance today and danced along to everything - thank you to all. Wish is was every Saturday afternoon - we would definitely come along.

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