What a week last week was

Phew what a week and from now on right up until Christmas AAK is very busy with Gawain, Bottom and Santa.
St Chad's and St Philip's have welcomed Luke and Kathryn, Martin and myself,  and the extended version of Gawain is well into its first outing. Medieval boasts, the training of knights, stories of the quest to find the Green Knight all support and extend the work of the two full days which Kathryn and Luke are working on. 
Mathematics and Gawain figured largely in one class at St Philip's with a visiting head teacher congratulating the class and their teacher in the highest possible way. That's the strength of our portfolio. We build imaginary communities and the lives of people therein. So if you want to design, write, count, investigate, explore, think, face the future - you can do it with AAK!
And here's proof in the picture from St Anthony's Beeston. Great smiles and sideboards!

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