Windrush update

In the two weeks leading up to Windrush Day on Saturday June 22, and on the day itself, Trish Cooke and Martin Riley  from Alive & Kicking Theatre Company will be taking Eh Kwik, Eh Kwak, and This is My Story into education and community venues in Bradford.
Trish says, “Both events are interactive and immersive. In primary schools the whole morning will be devoted to the children, their families and their teachers being involved in parts of the performance, helped by Martin Riley, and in making some of the art work that is used in the story making and story telling that we will explore together. 
In the community venue, as well as sharing refreshments, the performance will lead into a time for friends old and new to tell their stories, to open up intergenerational and wider community links and to have a right good get together!”
Supported by the highly experienced writer, performer and storyteller, Martin Riley, Trish guarantees that everyone will come away refreshed, excited and absorbed in the Windrush experience.

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