John Mee

Freelance drama practitioner, Creative Education Consultant at West Yorkshire Playhouse,  and creative co-director for Alive And Kicking Theatre Company. John is a qualified teacher and experienced lecturer who has worked with early years, throughout the primary and secondary sectors, in further and higher education and as a freelance drama practitioner with a background in producing touring theatre throughout Europe. He has promoted touring theatre in many Leeds venues and created the Studio Theatre venue for Leeds Metropolitan University.
John met Salvador Dali in a bar when he was 20 and hasn’t looked back since! He says: “I am happiest when using the arts to examine possibilities for change. I believe that drama can put other people’s shoes on your feet and bring you back to a new perception of yourself. For me drama is an activity for everyone – the oldest person I’ve had in one of my plays was 104 and the youngest only 2! I’ve worked with teachers, theatre companies, community health professionals, with slum improvement consultants, NGOs, young offenders, and I’ve collaborated with actors, writers, artists, designers and musicians. My work at West Yorkshire Playhouse has involved me in creating education programmes for over 70 productions over a period of 15 years and I get great joy from arriving in many school staff rooms where I’m lucky enough to be greeted by an ex-student from my lecturing days at Leeds Metropolitan University teacher education courses. I’ve sold ice cream, made marzipan and instant macaroon mix, humped sacks, nearly went into banking (whoops), managed budgets, developed recruitment and selection strategies, been employee and employer as well as being elected a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts.”