From the Alive And Kicking Office Desk

And here we are, fingers poised, telephone silent at the moment, hooray, and in front of me the schedule for Granny's Underground Garden which only has two slots left before Easter.
So I'm mixing up some of Granny's potion, thinking of a spell Grimknickers might help with if she ever gets into a good mood, and looking for the courage Gwyneth had when she faced the unicorn.
Then I'll ring Ash Tree Primary School - no courage really needed - they are delightful!!!!


please please please can you come back to hob moor primary school we all love you you are great if you can come back can it be this year because we leave next year please XD xxxxxxxxxxxxxx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Sophie and Megan Hope you are having a great half term. The good news is - We WILL return to Hobmoor before you leave. We will be bringing our new project, the Museum of Untold Stories to the whole school in the Summer term - so will definitely work with you guys then. We can't wait - you are such crackers!! Meanwhile, keep writing stories. and dreaming dreams. Carry

Yay! I've been wanting you to come back sooo much :]

How is Reece spellt,Rhys or Reece!

Rhys ( the Welsh way I think...) Where does the name 'Artemiy' come from and what does it mean?

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