Bramley St Peter's get a load of Granny

Stomp, stomp, stomp!  I can honestly say we've never had such a stompy Baron Overblow yet.  What a stomper, the whole Gym shook. 
The rumours flew like wild fire around Wyrmslow village as the Worzlum grew to be ferociously big.  It really was the creepiest story by Granny.  Not least because, as one year three pupil pointed out, Carry's hair looked like she'd had an electric shock!  Tee hee. - That's Luke sniggering.
Looking forward to Tuesday St Peter's.  Keep up the good work.
Carry and Luke


Thank you for coming to New Bewerley we really enjoying the potion and the werzlam it was ugly like a devil and we liked it when you acted like the old case was heavy please come back soon!

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