Eh Kwik, Eh Kwak - Windrush Day events - booking now

Windrush events with Trish Cooke and Martin Riley
In the two weeks leading up to Windrush Day on Saturday June 22, and on the day itself, Trish Cooke and Martin Riley  from Alive & Kicking Theatre Company will be taking Eh Kwik, Eh Kwak, and This is My Story into education and community venues in Bradford.
In the first, ‘Eh Kwik, Eh Kwak’ we explore how it’s OK to be different inWhy Agouti Has No Tail ’, an interactive retelling of a traditional Caribbean tale for 7 to 9 year olds and their parents/grandparents; this will be performed to 10 Bradford primary school classes as part of their school day. We investigate the importance of being yourself and how trying to be something you’re not (to fit in) can get you in a mess.
The second, ‘This is My Story’, is a show for adults and children and will be performed in a community venue in Bradford. In this, Trish will share excerpts of her books, ‘Tales From The Caribbean’, ‘ Mammy Sugar Falling Down’ and ‘The Diary of a Young West Indian Immigrant’. The latter books are about what it was like to travel, as a child, from the Caribbean to live in England in the late 1950s and 60s. The show will be followed by a panel and audience intergenerational discussion, which will encourageaudience members to share their Windrush stories. 
For information and booking details contact:
John Mee
0113 295 8190
07775 782603