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Gordon The Goose keeper - Online - Free

Here’s a chance for some young children to help our Gordon. Like his cousin Frederick, he’s in a bit of a pickle. The geese are well behaved but as for the gander ..... Well!  If you think you might be the ones to help him ….  email him at aliveandkicking@ntlworld.com and he’ll arrange to contact you. You can talk to him for real ....well virtually ..... on zoom. Best to have an adult with you so that you can hold their hands and tell them that  everything will be OK!!!! You know how frightened some adults get!!!!!
Hello I’m Gordon the Goose Keeper
I’ve got geese all over the place
They all walk around a’sqwarkin
And sometimes they have a goose race
Hello I’m Gordon the Goose Keeper
I really need your help
Me gander is badly behaving
He bites me and I start to yelp
Cos I am Gordon the Goose keeper
You probably think I’m a fool
I never know quite what to do
Praps I should go back to school