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The Museum Of Untold Stories needs your help! - Have a go online now - FREE

Icarus Bly and Juniper Jacks from The Museum Of Untold Stories need your help:
Aladdin had his lamp, Bilbo had a magic Ring, Doctor Who wields her sonic screwdriver! All objects with a story– but The Museum Of Untold Stories is full of objects that have lost their story. Stories lost in time. Now Icarus and Juniper are looking to you to help make brand new stories for them. After all, what would the world be like without stories?
Simply click on the tab at the top of our Home page labeled Children then click on the tab that says "Get Stuck In" on the Museum Of Untold Stories window. There you'll find a treasure trove of objects crying out for your imaginations to bring them to life! Cut and paste your story into the submissions box when you're done. 
Good luck story makers!
Icarus & Juniper