Santa & The Christmas Dragon - booking now

Already booked into Leeds City Markets and the Macready Theatre Rugby -  we could come to you too. 
Santa & The Christmas Dragon By Martin Riley
In which a Toy Dragon comes to life and gives some lucky children the Christmas surprise of their lives.
This year’s production Santa & The Christmas Dragon promises to be the most spectacular and exciting ever. Santa & The Christmas Dragon stars our own accident-prone Santa, his magically talented, troublesome sidekick, Tricksy Pixie and the best friend they found on top of a Christmas Tree, the musical, merry-making, Scary Fairy – along with a cheeky little Goblin and a very lively red dragon! 
It uses music, song, magic and truly interactive story-telling to tell the tale of what happened when Santa promised some children a dragon for Christmas – and they weren’t going to be fobbed off with a toy one!
Leanne and Little Joe have been nagging their mother to get them a pet for Christmas. They have tried for all the usual: a cat and dog, a hamster, a rat, even a snake but they’re getting nowhere. Mum doesn’t want an animal in the house and isn’t convinced they will care for it. In frustration she tells them to write to Santa: let him sort it out! 
What their mother doesn’t realise is that Santa owes Leanne and Little Joe a big favour and the children take full advantage. Little Joe and Leanne let their imaginations run wild. What they want for Christmas, they write in their note to Santa, is a pet Dragon!
The elves are on strike so the present delivery is organised by Santa, Tricksy Pixy, Scary Fairy and a little volunteer Goblin who promises to be good. But when they arrive at Leanne and Little Joe’s house the wide-awake children discover that Santa has tried to get around the pet problem by bringing them a toy dragon
As might be expected, there is a riot - the kids want the real thing. So, with a little help from the audience the dragon is brought to lifeThe little creature proves full of fizz but dragons grow very quickly and, as we know, a pet is not just for Christmas.