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A website update coming soon

Lou Clarke has been working on a brand new website for AAK. Bless her! Watch out .... coming soon! here she is having a little lie down!

The Romans are Coming!

What a week coming up for Mr Luke Dickson. Romans here, Romans there, Romans almost everywhere!

April's Mee Time is 4.30 tomorrow April 5!

How about a natter? Tomorrow at 4.30 Mee Time will be Zoom-chatting about classroom drama in the primary school.
It would be lovely to see you there. Here's the Zoom invite ....
Meeting ID: 833 6286 4895
Passcode: 667510

Cinderella at Barwick in Elmet

Our sideways look at Cinderella continues ... here we are looking at the werewolves!! Werewolves???? Cinderella???
On Tuesday, John Mee from Alive and Kicking visited us to great excitement. The class worked collaboratively with John to create their version of a very famous traditional tale. However, only right at the end was the story revealed. It's probably fair to say that this will be the only version of Cinderella containing werewolves! The class were fizzing with creativity, enthusiasm and no little passion! Along the way, they met a rather grumpy chef who bore quite a resemblance to their teacher, as well as Miss Taylor's downtrodden servant. We had a brilliant time, and the class really enjoyed picking their own follow-up writing activities after the workshop.

Josh Lynn
Year 2 Teacher


Mee Time

 I had a great time yesterday preparing for and running Mee Time. Back again in April!

Sunshine Street 2

What about this for a shelter design!

Back at Sunshine Street 1

In Sunshine Street at Clapgate Nursery we are stuck in the jungle .... here's what happens 
We got dressed up in our jackets, hats and scarves and remembered our binoculars and started to explore. 
We pretended to walk around the jungle, using our bodies to tip toe, creep, wobble over the bridge and chop down the long grass.  The children spotted zebras, elephants, lions, leopards, tigers, snakes, spiders, butterflies, frogs, and monkeys. We even had a gorilla beating his chest and a tall giraffe. The children suggested we sing Insey Winsey Spider together. It was very busy in the jungle!
We pretended to be in the jungle collecting, sticks, branches and leaves to make the shelter. The children suggested we needed hammers, nails and glue to make the shelter and we mimed the actions together. We made up a song about patting the leaves down. “Don’t forget the door” 
The evidence is in the picture!

The Cave is open again

Luke is gearing up to deliver his second run of the Cave at Copthorne Primary school in Bradford this afternoon.

It's been a while but ....

..... A fabulous  Seven Hunters planning morning with Lou Clark  .....
The frame for this Y3 and Y4 drama is from the fisherman’s memory of one day when things went really wrong. The children find themselves in role as the people of an island who rely on fishing for their livelihood.
We meet the fisherman in the moments before he set off on a fateful fishing trip. We find out about his life. It’s never been an easy one. Just like all of us islanders.  He always relies on his experience, strength and the power of fate. The power of the sea is enormous. 
More developments soon!

Open For Christmas .... We are!

Hello from the AAK desk .....
See us at Leeds KIrkgate Market 1230 and 1430 Dec 22 and 23
Here's what they say .... 
I was at the performance this afternoon at Leeds Market with a young family of asylum seekers that I have made friends with. I had arranged to meet them to show them the Christmas lights in town but after we walked around for half an hour it soon became clear tht without spending money in shops and cafes (they have nothing and Mum will not allow me to buy anything for them when they meet) there was very little to do for young children. 
I had looked into taking them to the Bednobs and Broomsticks matinee but it was prohibitively expensive ar £29 pp (with restricted viewing!) so when we realised that you were doing a performance we were so happy!!! 
And it was truly wonderful and magical. We all loved it! You guys are incredibly talented performers. Thanks so very much. xxx