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2013 - 2014 portfolio

Listening to teachers, children and heads, we’ve heard that you would like us to bring material in for the younger ones as they make their own stories and look at traditional tales. So our Reception, Yr 1 and Yr 2 workshop adventures of To The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Sea, and Lighthouse Island combine an Alive And Kicking story making approach with the telling of traditional tales. We specialize in bringing tales to life from an unexpected angle – we meet Cinderella through the eyes of Doris the Door Keeper, Shirley the Village Hairdresser tries to measure the length of Rapunzel’s hair, and together we tiptoe into Sleeping Beauty’s bedroom. We can devise new approaches to other tales you are telling if you’d like more.
Lots of schools have asked us to return with Gawain and The Green Knight and Granny’s Underground Garden as they have already worked with these two shows and are prepared to extend the work right through their KS2 curriculum. These two tried and tested pieces form the backbone of our primary schools work. In Gawain we follow the journey of Arthur’s youngest knight accompanied by his trusty squire Gwyneth, and in Granny we save the world from The Worzlum. 
Here’s what we have on offer ….
For Reception classes - The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Sea and Traditional Tales available from September 2013 to July 2014
For Yrs 1 and 2 Lighthouse Island available from September 2013 to July 2014
For Yrs 3 and 4 - Granny’s Underground Garden available from January 2014 to July 2014
For Yrs 5 and 6Gawain and The Green Knight available from September 2013 to March 2014 and perhaps on into the summer of 2014

Story writers from Shire Oak

Many thanks to the children of Shire Oak Primary in Headingley who have been busy publishing their stories online for the Museum of Untold Stories. Great to read all of your adventures. If you want to read the stories, go to the Children's tab and click on all of the objects on the MOUS page. Let us know which story you think is the best. 

Fearnville Primary in Bradford

A wonderful couple of days in residency at Fearnville Primary in Bradford. We have been working with the Year 3 and 4 classes who have been busy storymaking. The Museum has left with four wonderful new stories - Stokey was a very happy man. Thanks again to all the staff and children for making us so welcome.

At Farsley Farfield the other day ......

Thank you to the bunch of boys who came racing across the field calling "Hello JM". This was a grand flashback for me to the project "Into The Woods" which we took to Black Hills Scout Camp two summers ago. Have a look at the Our Projects page and go to Bespoke Projects if you'd like to know more.
This week a great time was had at Shire Oak Primary and if the children could have seen their teachers in their own staff meeting drama turning into mermaids, walls, kings and people from the village from so long ago they would have seen them in a very new light. Wish I had a picture!

Onwards ....

Here we go. News just in from Luke to say that the MoUS time space portal has landed at Shire Oak Primary in Leeds. Last week included the appearance of the biggest bumble bee you have ever seen just as Kathryn and I started working with the reception class at Holy Family. I was amazed that nobody shrieked. We all just got on with the job of going to the bottom of the sea while the teacher followed the bee out of the room with the window pole. Wish I had a video!
Thanks to Leeds Inspired Martin and I are offering MoUSlets to accompany the MoUS. So if you have a community fayre or gala in Leeds do let us know. Free story tellings on offer - first come first served!

Warmth, love and a TV

.... is what the Queen of the Bottom Of The Sea would need if she were to feel at home according to the Reception Class at St Patrick's. The villagers donned their goggles, fins and aqualungs before diving to the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the sea in their adventure this week. And what will they come up with for the story behnd the wooden fish with the head that comes off to reveal a ruby ring inside? Hope to find out soon.

MOUS at St Patricks

Today the Time Space Portal landed in the school hall of St Patricks Primary School - and what a day was had. Year 5 and 6 were visited by Stokey Pilgrim and then created two fantastic stories for the Museum. Looking forward to seeing them in print. Thanks to Nathan in  Year 6 for the first submission. 

Watch out for MoUS

 .....the Museum of Untold Stories time and space portal is at rest purring nicely in St Patrick's Primary School just off the York Rd in Leeds and we do have some summer term spaces in the tour schedule if you could put us in contact with any of the primary schools, festivals and galas you have in your hearts. Thanks to Leeds Inspired we come at little or no cost to community venues.
Carry is back from  skiing!

Downtown thinking ....

Today Martin Riley and Carry Franklin are meeting in downtown Leeds to begin to grow a new show. Watch out for steam coming out of an eating place!

Wintry Spring

Here's a look at a recent Princess. Next autumn the ambassador Lorraine de Lisle will be on another adventure. More news later but for now here's a memory from Holy Family Primary School Leeds.