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Goodbye Princess

Tomorrow is the Princess' final visit to school this year. It has been some tour. We have had the wonderful privelege to work with so many fantastic staff and children across 21 schools in Leeds - and to eat 21 different chocolates cakes - most of which were truly memorable.
We shall be returning to Lyonnesse tired but very happy... and just a few pounds heavier. 

Watch out Middleton St Philip's

The rumour is that the space time portal from The Museum Of Untold Stories has landed in your school hall ready to work with Year 1 right through to Year 6.
And Reception children too - no space time travelling, just a trip to the bottom of the sea. Wheeee!

MoUS this evening

MoUS is at the Headingley LitFest with a story making version for teenagers and older people at 6 pm tonight. For details please see www.headingleylitfest.org.uk
It's free admisssion thanks to Leeds Inspired.

Brilliant writing from New Bewerley Community School and Hob Moor Children's Centre

Have a look at the Children page. Well done New Bewerley and Hob Moor ... Stone and Strap and the Frock in the Cage for starters.

This afternoon ....

One and a half hours to go to MoUS at The Headingley LitFest. 

Back to Leeds

The Museum Of Untold Stories is at the Headingley LitFest at the Heart Centre, Headingley on Wednesday March 13 at 4 pm for families and children aged 6 and over, Thursday March 14 at 6pm for teenagers and older people and again at 4pm on Friday March 15 for families and children aged 6 and over. For more information visit www.headingleylitfest.org.uk
There's a great new story by Loren Elizabeth about the hammer and the clock on the Children's page. Read it if you dare!

MoUS in York and Headingley

We are at Hob Moor at www.yorkla.org/hobmoor with The Museum Of Untold Stories this week and soon we'll be at the Headingley LitFest at www.headingleylitfest.org.uk
Please have a look to see more.

New Bewerley

It is so good to get the Museum of Untold Stories back on the road. We've had a fantastic few days at New Bewerley Primary School in Beeston making stories with children and staff. I never cease to be amazed and touched by the stories that we find. Today, a Year 3 class created a Cyclops who had been locked in a cave by a village who were terrified of him. But one girl amongst them saw the good in the monsters heart. She released him from captivity, took his hand and led him back to the village…
Can you imagine what happened next?

and off we go .....

Here's a memory of Burnley with The Princess Who Couldn't Play but for now ... off we go to New Bewerley Primary School with The Museum Of Untold Stories where the portal landed last Friday evening in the freezing cold. A surpise for the children of south Leeds when they get to school tomorrow. Every class from Year 1 to 6 will visit MoUS throughout this week and then we are off to the Headingley LitFest www.headingleylitfest.org.uk/programme.html with the family version. Brand new and very exciting.
If you would like to know more or if you'd like to book MoUS for your school or event please visit www.aliveandkickingtheatrecompany.co.uk and there's lots of new stories from the children of Leeds on the Children page if you'd like to have a look.

The Electric Collander

and the somewhat startled but game to give it a go Graham Watt - fan of AAK, chicken and bee keeper, batsman and bowler of great reknown and sometime Oakwood Santa. How do I get him to stand up?