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Cinders meets Rapunzel

Quite by chance our Cinderella met her Rapunzel this week. Of course if you are the type who says THAT"S WRONG then that's up to you. For us there was a recognition of fairy tale genre somewhere in there and we were delighted with the outcome. Of course the childen knew what was what and they proved that when they retold the end of the story for us.
Well done all you in Reception at Hob Moor and well done your teachers too. We had such a lovely time at the ball and what about the smile on the king's face. And they all - Prince and Cinders - lived you know what - say it with me - H...y Ev.r A...r
Not sure quite what happened to the W..... St..m..h.r and the Ug.. Si...rs

Great stories coming in to the Muthaship

The stories for the Book of Untold Stories are beginning to flood in. Great work from Fearnville Primary - nearly every child has written up a brilliant story for the Broken Crown or the mysterious Clock and Hammer. Have a look on the Children's Pages and follow the llnk for MOUS and the objects to read all of the stories. 

Cinders at Hob Moor

Don't think the reception children have guessed what we are up to yet. Of course they will if they see this but here goes anyway.
Off we went up the froad, past the mountain, the bumpy bits, through the valley, alongside the river and squelching through the swamp, over the bridge until we got to the palace. Oh poor Doris the doorkeeper. Ah the wonderful chicken man and his wife. Where did that pile of horse muck get to?
And Monica and Mavis the maids. Something tell s me I know who is going to become Cinders when we visit the Wicked Stepmother's house next week.
Meanwhile the villagers are busy preparing the ball to celebrate the king's 100th birthday. How things might change if the King's son got to dance again. We'll see.

Feedback from Fearnville


We had a great time this week as you will see from what a teacher from Fearnville writes:
"Can I say a huge thank you to your fantastic people Carry and Stokey. We had an amazing time today - both classes........ The class who went this morning, went back to class and spent Friday afternoon writing their stories.
My class went this afternoon and will write their stories next week. I know it is just what the children at Fearnville need to inspire them.
Thank you once again and keep up the fantastic work."
It's great to have this feedback - thank you Fearnville.


Here we come ....

Half-term nearly over and here we come again. Rumour has it that the portal has landed at Pudsey Tyersal Primary School where the children and staff will encounter strange happenings in the coming week. And Year 5 Ravens from Fearnville will be visiting too.
We are ready - are you?

Lighthouse Island at Beeston st Anthony's

The giant octopus, the sharp finned sharks, rowing, running across the waters, all these couldn't save Tom's boat from the hundred year wave. 
I'm looking forward to reading the questions for Molly, Mary and Meg, the ten rules of the sea, new designs for Tom's boat and the other Lighthouse Island stories.

here we come Beeston St Anthony's

And now .... landing in South Leeds having zipped around the ring road via who-knows-where, the space time portal is humming quietly in a corner of Beeston St Anthony's Primary school hall, waiting for the school to open its doors again.
The hum will change to bleeping and more and all will be revealed. Thanks to Farsley Farfield for a warm welcome to MoUS last week. By it was hot in the school hall! And in the imaginations too!

Off we go again

The Museum Of Untold Stories lands at Farsley Farfield Primary School this week. Watch out for strange objects, time and space portals, a peculiar hum in the school hall and pieces of chalk.

Building a space-time portal

If you happen to peek through the A&K portacabin at Farsley Farfield this week, you might notice the Alive and Kicking crew putting together a strange and mysterious machine. According to the plans we have been given, it is a time space portal ready to beam curators from a distant star to right here and right now....we hope...
I have attached the plans - if anyone has any idea where the skid wheels should go, or how to build a story wheel, please let us know...
Now, where's that spanner....

Here we go again

Rehearsals for the Museum Of Untold Stories are well underway and strange sightings of peculiar people dressed in peculiar clothing are to be seen in Alive and Kicking's base at Farsley Farfield.
The AAK portal will be landing in Farsley Farfield Primary School, Pudsey Tyersal Primary School, Beeston St Anthony's Primary School, Clapgate Primary School, Hob Moor Primary School and Bramley St Peter's Primary School over the next few weeks and groups from Fearnville Primary will be searching the horizon to see if they can spot it somewhere near their area too.
The swifts are back, so summer must be coming. And so is MoUS.