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Windrush Day video now online!

Here's the links that will take you to the Windrush Day video  https://vimeo.com/430443822  and https://youtu.be/t-uVX7mGuwg

Windrush day

Online on June 22, Windrush Day, Alive & Kicking’s Trish Cooke, award winning author and dramatist of Dominican heritage, will be reading an excerpt from her book, Mammy Sugar Falling Down, which tells the story of a young girl leaving her home in the Caribbean and coming to live in England. Watch the website and social media to see the links.

A Rescue for Frederick The Fisherman

Stop Press! Frederick the Fisherman from Filey has been rescued from the clutches of The Blue Men of Bridlington by some of the youngest children from Chapel Allerton Primary School. Here's their poem ..

To the Blue Men Of Bridlington
At my dock on the beach in Filey
We won’t be using poison or potion but let him free please

To the blue men who live in the ocean
We won’t be using poison or potion
Our friend can’t survive under the sea
So we’re asking you to set him free
Just let you know 
You have to let him go!
Our jolly friend cannot swim
So do not do anything bad to him.
If you'd like to help Frederick email aliveandkicking@ntlworld.com


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Alive & Kicking Education Pack Resources - FREE

Welcome to Alive & Kicking Theatre’s web page.
Below are instructions on how to find, and passwords for, our education packs for a variety of productions we run in primary schools.
Next to each password is the year group for which it is aimed at but of course feel free to dip into any of them and use the materials as you see fit.
If something doesn’t make sense it’s probably because it relates directly to the specific production it has been design for (which you probably won't have seen), in which case either ignore it or get creative and invent something to fit. This may be most applicable to The Museum Of Untold Stories – but there’s loads of fun stuff there so give it a glance if you have time.
Largely the materials and lesson plans are literacy based but you will find science, art and other cross-curricular materials too.
If you are having trouble downloading them we can only apologise. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that at the moment our company, like every other, is juggling a lot and time is precious. If we can respond to people’s request for help we will but please understand if we don’t reply it’s not personal, it’s just not possible.
So, to find the resources, go to the top of the Home page and click on the pink tab labelled Teachers. This will take you straight to the resources page and you can just entre the password and download the zip files.
The Museum Of Untold Stories: moustail – Years 1 to 6
Gawain: greenbelt – Years 5 to 6
Granny’s Underground Garden: worzlum – Years 3 to 4
The Princess Who Couldn’t Play: Leonora – Years Reception, 1 and 2
A Genie Comes To School: opensesame – Years 1 to 2
Crowheart: briganti – Years 3 to 4
Finally, please feel free to share this information with parents, carers, grandparents and teachers, in short anyone who may be looking to educate, entertain or occupy children whilst schools are closed.
We wish everyone our very best. Stay well, follow the advice from health experts and also follow us on FB and Twitter for further info, links and creative ideas in the coming weeks.
Lots of love
Luke, John, Martin and Viv

A visitor from Germany

Ida Ahrens from Germany writes:
"I was really grateful for the opportunity of gaining insight into the experience that Alive And Kicking has to offer. You can tell how experienced they are by the way they deal with kids and sudden changes of their plan. Even though I couldn't imagine what their work is, my expectations somehow got surpassed.

Within a very short time the pupils were able to adjust to the mindset of the century the story was set in and took over a new personality. Doing that, the company always made sure they didn't had to do things they didn't feel comfortable with, but encouraged them to try new things at the same time. 

What impressed me the most was the fact that the pupils really did turn into experts of their field by getting told they are and just using their imagination. I definitely got some inspiration from the experiences I made and will use them to shape my future career."
Thank you Ida.

The Seven Hunters - a new version

Just about to start creating the two visit version ..... This dynamic, entertaining new drama project is aimed at Years 5 and 6.
The Seven Hunters is an interactive drama involving the in-depth exploration of a real-life tragedy – the mysterious disappearance in December 1900 of a team of three lighthouse keepers from Flannan Isle in the Outer Hebrides. 

Today at Leeds Playhouse and Leeds Beckett University

Accompanied and led by Anthony Haddon today at In Cahoots and at Leeds Beckett University, A&K worked with two lovely gangs on The Night Pirates, Kurt Weil's Street Scene, Dan Brown's approach to drama and writing and Francis Gilbert's concept of Diagrating! Thanks to all for the professional development moments.

Here's Anthony in full flow!! And here's the rest of us In Cahooting.


Leeds Beckett University Storymakers

We'll be meeting with them again next week. And here's a little bit of what we got up to with their MA students.

Santa's Grotto

.... at Kirkgate Market Leeds .... don't miss it .... your last chance today, Christmas Eve