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The Flannan Isles - new A&K drama


Wow, so much coming up for AAK over the next year...
But for now we're very happy to report funding confirmed for our project The Seven Hunters. An 1895 story of lighthouses, mariners and adventure.


Windrush events feedback

Great feedback ....  
It is always lovely to have visitors in school, but when you know it’s the Alive And Kicking theatre group coming in, you know it’s going to be something special.

The Windrush drama didn’t disappoint. Watching the children’s faces as they absorbed the drama around them was a picture itself. It’s good to read about the past in a book but to see it brought to life by Trish and Martin made it so much more real. 
From Trish reliving life in Dominica, to the boat journey full of promise and the repeated setbacks from Martin’s characters, we were all involved, wanting to know more: full of questions. 

The children couldn’t wait to talk to them, bombarding Trish and Martin with thoughts and feelings. Seeing history brought to life is a very emotive journey that Alive And Kicking took us as a class along, 
Thank you for bringing such an important part of our history alive.

Helen Whitaker
Year 4 teacher
Burley and Woodhead Primary School

The Museum Of Untold Stories out and about

Great times with The Museum Of Untold Stories at Scissett.
Teacher Vikki Ward writes ... "Alive & Kicking gave our pupils a fantastic experience - easily accessed by all abilities - in fact, some of the least able writers were the most creative thinkers!
The performances were very professional and the children were absolutely spellbound (as was I!) from beginning to the end of the performance and workshop.
The experience is a complete package and offers a firm foundation from which pupils can subsequently write their own story.
A great afternoon of fun, creativity, entertainment and learning - what more could you ask for? The best afternoon we've had all year!"

Luke Dickson in his bat cave

Luke's recording video resources to accompany the workshop version of The Cave. Here is his contemplation face!

Leeds Child Friendly Awards

We were shortlisted and here we are at Leeds City Varieties. Well done Life Experience for winning.

Another new part of our portfolio

Today it's my job to start planning for me and Luke to tackle fabulous Maurice Sendak's monsters.
Me as Granddad, Luke as 42 different monsters, the children as advisors in child development and parenting.

Update .....

Here's what Alive & Kicking is up to ... two whole primary school year long residencies, R and D for a new year 5 and 6 piece (contact us if you would like a no charge visit as part of the R and D), publication of our Carey Philpotts research into school and family work, visits from Leeds Beckett University MA students, planning ahead for our next Christmas piece, Santa and The Christmas Dragon and much more.

A new piece for Years 5 and 6 takes off

"We seemed to stand for an endless while, 
Though still no word was said, 

Three men alive on Flannan Isle, 
Who thought, on three men dead.""

This week we begin the R and D for a new Year 5 and 6 piece centred on The 1900 mystery surrounding The Flannan Isles.
"Though three men dwell on Flannan Isle 
To keep the lamp alight, 
As we steered under the lee, we caught 
No glimmer through the night."
Thanks to Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, Burley and Woodhead Primary School and the Northern Lighthouse Board.


Santa on tour ....

Here's what Debra Wilson from Springwell Primary in Leeds says ...... We had a lovely morning with Santa and the Goblin Market yesterday.
It was such a  lovely experience for all our children and staff.

Santa is up and running!

Rehearsals over, van collected, set checked, songs brilliant, cast fabulous .... Scary Fairy really friendly, Trixie Pixie knows a thing or two, Santa is ... well Santa and the Goblin King is waiting to have his heart of stone melted ... only you can do it!
Saturday 8 December - Leeds Kirkgate Market all day – residence – not a performance - come and meet Santa, Trixie and Scary
Saturday 15 December - Leeds Kirkgate Market 11.00 am and 2.00 pm
Saturday 22 December - Leeds Kirkgate Market 11.00 am and 2.00 pm 
Sunday 23 December - Leeds Kirkgate Market 11.00 am and 2.00 pm 
Monday 24 December - Leeds Kirkgate Market  11.00 am and 2.00 pm 
Lots of primary schools too .... so if you would like to visit a school with us please ring us first. 07710 514585‬