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In The Woods review

Debbie Meeson, teacher from St Philip's Primary writes ...... "This was the most magical experience the children have ever had!! Wow!"
Here's what In The Woods is about .... we could bring it to your school!
In The Woods is a project for children aged between 6 and 8 years in which we create a series of events that will fire their imaginations and reward creative thinking. We are able to offer In The Woods to groups of up to 60 children.
Supported by adults and Alive And Kicking company members we play through a number of “training “ scenarios led by the character Tom Wayfinder before we face The Real Thing in which we explore the outdoor adventure of The Wild Man Of The Woods waking to find that Jack Frost, Old Man Winter and Lady Lackleaf have plotted together to bring Winter back forever. 

Jenny Silver's letter ...

 .... as promised in the Leeds Beckett University Storymakers' Dialogue article The Real Thing.  It's in the Alive And Kicking facebook page.
For more information about In The Woods please message Alive And Kicking.

Many thanks to This Green Moon


Many thanks to This Green Moon at Swillington Organic Farm just outside Leeds for hosting Dr Ferret's Wild West Medicine Roadshow over the holiday weekend. 
We will be back at This Green Moon in July but now it's on with our primary school programme that includes The Cave for Years 3/4/5/6.


Dr Ferret's Wild West Medicine Road Show

Our latest family show is at This Green Moon tomorrow, Sunday May 26 and Monday May 27, 1230 and 1700
Venue ... This Green Moon, Swillington Organic Farm, Swillington, Leeds LS26 8QA



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May 24 to May 28 An outdoor extravaganza

Dr Ferret's Wild West Medicine Roadshow
At This Green Moon in Swillington Organic Farm, Coach Rd., Swillington LS26 8QA Performances at 1230 and 1700
Times are hard but Salvation is at hand!
Delius Ferret and the Wild Man, have come all the way from the US of A 
By invitation of the Swilligogs 
with a wagon-full of Dr Ferret’s Miracle Elixir. 

It’ll cure baldness, a snotty nose, a boil on your nether regions. 
It can even turn bad kids good!
But don’t just take the good doctor’s word for it.

Over Fives with their Families, Schools, Scouts, Troubled Teenagers, Mithered Millennials, Grizzly Grandparents, short and tall, big and small 
Come and be part of his extraordinary musical and immersive story adventures.
Tickets from This Green Moon on 07730 496203 £10 per head with under 2's free

Special offer - a taste of Alive And Kicking

We are looking at new ways of making contact with primary schools in Leeds and the region. If you are a primary school teacher, school governor or PTA member you might like to help us by having a very low cost taster visit from Alive And Kicking.
Here’s the idea …. For a total cost of £100 (plus a cup of tea and possibly a biscuit!) we could bring one half day piece from our portfolio to one of your classes if you would invite a small group of teachers from other schools to see us work with your children.
We could offer 
A Sideways Look At Cinderella for Reception
The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Bottom Of The Sea for Reception or Year 1
The Woman At The Top Of The Mountain for Year 3 or Year 4
There's more detail in other parts of this website or you could contact us by email at aliveandkicking@ntlworld.com or by ringing 0113 295 8190 or 07775 782603.

Here's a howdeedo

This week the children and parents from St Philip's Primary school in Leeds will be confronted by Lady Lackleaf, Jack Frost and Old Man Winter who have stolen the song, the music and the dance of the woods from The Wild Man. Helped by Tom Wayfinder who knows if they will save the woods from the clutches of Old Man Winter's gang.

In The Woods

At Middleton St Philip’s Primary Alive And Kicking are pursuing their Leeds Beckett University research focus on exploring the ways in which children and their parents co-construct imaginary worlds. John Mee as Tom Wayfinder from the pen of Martin Riley is recreating the story of his five year quest with the year 2 children … a quest that will end up on May the first in a wood near Keighley
Tom tells us …. For the last five years now I have been on a quest. I have sailed across stormy oceans to lands where icebergs float in the freezing water, where the sea itself turns to ice. I have travelled to the lands where fire and ash and smoke spout volcanoes while red-hot lava flows down their sides. I have been to lush valleys and great lakes where the air is full of the crying of countless birds as they wheel around the wide blue sky.

And all this time I have been looking and listening, smelling and tasting, feeling the life and spirit of the place.I have been looking for somewhere special. You know how it is, somewhere familiar and comfortable, somewhere which feels and smells just right. I have known fire and ice, I have known night and day, I have known air and water, I have known love and I have known loss. And now I need a place to rest my heart, somewhere to call home.
Without the help of the children, their parents and teachers Tom will remain homeless! Here's hoping the wood will be the right place for him but there will be a whole lot of problems for the children to solve first.


A word or two from Martin Riley

“We all know what really matters - the children, the work we do, the quality of the work and the difference it makes to their lives and all our lives. I have seen such a lot of creative energy and enthusiasm from children and teachers and some head teachers (and deputy heads!) also - and, despite the difficulties of the times and of the present culture, I have seen educators battling against the odds to give children at school confidence, kindness and self-belief, through creativity, through a love of story and art, and song and writing and poetry and drama. I have seen children come to a realisation that they have their own story to tell, that they can make a difference in the world.”