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A big big thank you

Alive And Kicking is in the process of reshaping itself and we have brought on board new company members as well as saying goodbye to some established ones. 
We have welcomed back Kathryn Hanke to work on The Museum Of Untold Stories and Anthony Haddon to work on The Cave. We have welcomed Louise Clarke and David Cartwright who are already involved in a range of work including The Woman At The Top Of The Mountain, Traditional Tales and The Cave.
We are sad to say goodbye to Jess Farmer and Bill Hartley who are retiring from the Board Of Trustees, to Phoebe McDonald as she moves into Middle School teaching, and we wish Ammie Flexen all joy as she leaves us to pursue her visual artist work. All four of them have had a huge influence on company development and we offer them our thanks and very best wishes. 

The Woman At The Top Of The Mountain at Swillington Primary

From Samantha Robinson, Year 3 teacher at Swillington Primary ….Thanks for this morning, it was fantastic! An inspiring and intriguing drama session in which all pupils were engaged and enthused. We are very excited for the follow up. I was surprised at how quickly they were able to get into role and to build up ideas from just a few sentences of the drama.

Alive And Kicking mini documentary

Watch this ....  https://vimeo.com/246448373

A sunny day at AAK

This sunny Friday finds Luke off to talk to some film makers about how to shoot a mini documentary/promotion film for The Cave. Bear in mind they have to do a large part of the filming in a tent with 30 children, 2 performers and a teacher or two, all without disturbing the enjoyment and participation of the children. Well, they did say they were up for the challenge.

The Woman At The Top Of The Mountain

We are about to launch this exciting workshop aimed at Years 3 and 4.
These were difficult and dangerous times, and this was a difficult and dangerous country. Build with us the imaginary world of the villagers who live on the slope of the mountain and meet The Woman At The Top Of The Mountain who arives at midnight. Who is she? Why is she there? Where is she going? Share in the adventure, mystery, intrigue -  solve clues and invent narrative;  writing and composing songs are all written into this drama workshop.
Contact us at info@aliveandkickingtheatrecompany.co.uk

Romans And Celts at Hawksworth Wood

With Caesar tied up and unable to protest, the Sicilian Pirates claimed a ransom from Rome. Little did they realise what was coming their way. Once Caesar was set free he exacted his revenge!!!  Year 4 at Hawksworth Wood found out just what kind of leader he was!  Martin Riley and John Mee from Alive And Kicking took them through slavery, the noblity of Rome, gladiatorial combat, a confrontation at Hadrian’s Wall, a voyage across the seas, a long march north, a new version of Roman Wall Blues and the best Celtic Boasting of all time.  
From Mr Smith   "….. this really set them up for my follow up work in a new and exciting way."
“We don’t get many Roman Centurions in our staff room!” A startled T.A.!

Yesterday in London - Trish Cooke - our patron at Alive And Kicking

And here they are at Trish Cooke's book launch yesterday. Alive And Kicking sends thoughts and hopes to the people of Dominica.

Two events in London

Coming up shortly ..... two London events for our patrons, Trish Cooke and Melvin Burgess at Alive And Kicking. At the Dominica High Commission tomorrow afternoon Trish will be introduced by the man who travels making plays and operas all over and who is shortly to move to Leeds with his lovely wife Rebecca - Martin Riley.
And on Oct 5 at 6.30. Melvin Burgess joins a panel at Waterstones on Piccadilly to celebrate his nomination for the Hans Christian Anderson Award.
We don't hang about you know!

Vikings and Victorians

Viking and Victorian Workshops
Martin Riley recently delivered workshops on the Vikings (year 5) and Victorians (years 3 & 4).

Over two mornings, pupils met Beowulf himself, became a part of his warrior band and explored Viking history, culture and mythology discovering the Eddas and Sagas, Middle Earth, Asgard and The Rainbow Bridge. Writing and performing their own dramas, they had the chance to work with award winning novelist and Viking expert, Melvin Burgess, who told them some brilliant tales as well as becoming Loki, the trickster god, who tried to win them over with his lies. The children weren’t taken in!

Martin took the children of St Philips back to the Victorian Workhouse. Unfortunately, they landed in the very workhouse described in Dickens’ Oliver Twist and made their escape only to take refuge in Sweeny Todd’s Barber’s shop where they get a very close shave indeed. In this drama adventure, the children learned about life for children in Victorian England. They learned how to make a pie with very few healthy ingredients with Mrs Lovatt, met Tobias, the snake oil salesman and became Victorian market traders. With the help of Lord Stokes from the Poor Law Reform Society, the children were instrumental in bringing justice to an unjust world.

Quotes: “I liked it because … it was full of drama, because it was really fun, funny and cool. When I acted characters out I felt like I was actually that character. I like Martin Riley because he is fun, exciting and joyful, because he acts out different parts in the story, because he brought it to life and it was filled with suspense and how he let us join in and we had to solve the mystery.”

Summer term news!

Busy couple of weeks for AAK. Lighthouse rehearsals this week mixed in with delivering Bottom of the Sea! Poor Phoebe's been doing both. Next week and the week after Lighthouse Island goes to Cookridge Holy Trinity in the very capable hands of Anthony Haddon and Phoebe Gann - Wait! No! Not Gann anymore but McDonald! Congratulations to Phoebe and Nathan who got married recently.