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Arts Provision in Primary Schools

During a week in which Year 3 and 4 at Adel Primary School in Leeds have used an Alive And Kicking starter (The Woman At The Top Of The Mountain) to engage with problem solving, narrative building, dealing with dramatic tension, working in role, handling a new art form, organising group work, offering guidance to an adult in role, hearing their teachers debate next steps in developing their planning, designing and building a cairn, and having a right good time, there's the news from Arts Professional “that a meeting of arts education professionals and politicians, hosted by left-leaning think tank the Fabian Society on Tuesday, identified …. A deeply shocking landscape of diminishing arts provision in primary schools.”
This was attributed to structural problems in the education system, including:
·       More curriculum time being dedicated to numeracy and literacy at the expense of creative subjects
·       Inadequate teacher training in the arts leading to poor quality provision
·       Limited availability of arts toolkits to support non-specialist teachers
·       Absence of a music specialist in “most” primaries
·       Lack of commitment to arts activity by school leaders and governors
·       Lack of confidence among teachers who are embarrassed to sing in front of classes
·       Inability of schools to identify and progress talented pupils, which has most impact on opportunities for poorer families
·       Arts being delivered as extra-curricular activities rather than during school hours
·       Ofsted’s failure to adequately define their criteria for ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ arts provision.
The event marked the start of a new research initiative, led by the Society, that will examine access to the arts by primary age children.
At Alive And Kicking we applaud Adel Primary for placing drama in their  development plan and look forward to reading the Fabian Society report.

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