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Back at Sunshine Street 1

In Sunshine Street at Clapgate Nursery we are stuck in the jungle .... here's what happens 
We got dressed up in our jackets, hats and scarves and remembered our binoculars and started to explore. 
We pretended to walk around the jungle, using our bodies to tip toe, creep, wobble over the bridge and chop down the long grass.  The children spotted zebras, elephants, lions, leopards, tigers, snakes, spiders, butterflies, frogs, and monkeys. We even had a gorilla beating his chest and a tall giraffe. The children suggested we sing Insey Winsey Spider together. It was very busy in the jungle!
We pretended to be in the jungle collecting, sticks, branches and leaves to make the shelter. The children suggested we needed hammers, nails and glue to make the shelter and we mimed the actions together. We made up a song about patting the leaves down. “Don’t forget the door” 
The evidence is in the picture!