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Cinderella at Barwick in Elmet

Our sideways look at Cinderella continues ... here we are looking at the werewolves!! Werewolves???? Cinderella???
On Tuesday, John Mee from Alive and Kicking visited us to great excitement. The class worked collaboratively with John to create their version of a very famous traditional tale. However, only right at the end was the story revealed. It's probably fair to say that this will be the only version of Cinderella containing werewolves! The class were fizzing with creativity, enthusiasm and no little passion! Along the way, they met a rather grumpy chef who bore quite a resemblance to their teacher, as well as Miss Taylor's downtrodden servant. We had a brilliant time, and the class really enjoyed picking their own follow-up writing activities after the workshop.

Josh Lynn
Year 2 Teacher