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Cross Gates Primary School writing

Some great examples of writing. Thank you Cross Gates Primary. Get reading everyone ......
The adventure of Gawain and Gareth.
The autumn leaves, which were orange and yellow, fell off the tall bare trees, which were near the castle.  As Gawain and Gareth walked away from the castle, everyone in the kingdom was out there cheering saying goodbye.  The sound of it was deafening.  All the cheering made Gawain and Gareth feel proud.  Gawain felt a little nervous and Gareth felt scared but he couldn't show it.  As they looked at the road ahead they wondered if they were ever going to come back to Camelot Castle.

It had been a long five weeks of travelling for Gawain and Gareth but it felt like a year.  They had gone through dark forest, so dark that they couldn't even see their hands in front of their faces, mountains so cold they couldn't feel their fingers.  The weeks felt so long for them because they slowly ran out of food. 

However all the places they had been were no match for where they were now.  It was nothing like they had ever seen.  It was nothing like they had ever seen.  It was very big, it was dripping wet, it was lumpy.  It was a dark gloomy cave, which was in their way to the Green Chapel.

There was no way round the cave.  There were rocks next to it so big that they couldn't reach the top.  The cave had spikes on it and it was so dark inside they couldn't see a thing.  So they had no choice but to go into the deep dark cave.

Inside the cave was like the outside but was very wet.  Inside they heard thumping noises and started to wonder what was making them.  Then they could smell smoke and see it too.  They could feel the ground shaking gently.  The ground was slimy like sea snakes.  It got darker and darker as they went away from the cave entrance.

The noise got louder as Gawain and Gareth went further into the cave.  "What is making those noises?"asked Gawain.
"I don't know but I think it’s going to be big," replied Gareth. Then they came to the end of the lumpy, slimy floor but at the end they saw a dragon's head! The dragon was sleeping so Gawain and Gareth tried to sneak past the dragon quietly.
"OUCH" shouted Gawain.  Gawain tripped over a rock. The dragon slowly woke and started to growl loudly.  The dragon picked up Gawain and shook him then he jumped out of his hand and chopped off his head and the dragon fell to the ground.  It was dead. Then they heard some bubbling. It was the dragon and it had grown two heads back!  Gawain tried to chop off its heads but it didn't work. Gareth remembered reading something in the book of knightly rules. It said,   "To kill a dragon like this you need to stab it with its own tooth."
So Gareth took a tooth from an old dragon skull and stabbed the dragon with it and the dragon fell to the ground and it was dead and Gawain and Gareth carried on with their journey towards the Green Chapel.

The Adventures of Gawain and Gareth
Snow, which was falling all around the Camelot Castle, was settling heavily.  People were at the castle gates ready to say goodbye to the two brave people.  They were cheering loudly and roaring like lions.  Gawain and Gareth got to the gates and took one last glance at their castle wondering if they would ever be back and if so when. As they turned, they saw King Arthur and all the other knights waving at them by the castle door.  The two boys would never forget the green flag with the boar on, that was placed on the highest turret of the castle.  They turned around and looked at the giant crowd waiting ahead of them.  All the cheering and roaring was deafening now but it made them feel proud and strong.  Then they started walking forward and the crowd parted to let the two of them past.  The weather was as cold as ice and very wet.  The ground was slippery and wet. Gawain and Gareth were soaked and cold.  They were so cold that their hands and feet were numb but they still kept on going.

It had been a long three weeks since Gawain and Gareth left Camelot Castle but to them three weeks seemed like three years.  Gareth was exhausted, tired, hungry and thirsty and his arms and legs were aching madly.  Even though Gawain felt all those things, he also felt proud that he had got that far.  Together they had been through beaches with seaweed that wrapped around their ankles, with an enormous crab that pinched at their ears. Also while Gareth took watch one night, a massive wolf came up to him and nearly bit his head off.  However that was nothing compared to what was going to happen next.

After one month of travelling, Gawain and Gareth came to a tall, towering obstacle in their way. It was taller than any other mountain they had ever seen.  Both of them looked at each other puzzled then looked up at the imposing pointed rock. 

All of a sudden the mountain started to rumble.
" I don't think this is a mountain anymore! "said Gawain loudly.
" Neither do I," replied Gareth quietly,
" But I think it is a volcano! "
"And I think it is about to erupt! " added Gawain nervously.
"Let’s run " they shouted at each other, but there was nowhere to run.
But the rumbling hadn't stopped, it had actually got worse. Bits of the volcano started to crumble and topple down the volcano and roll to Gareth and Gawain's feet. Gareth picked up a bit of the rock and said to Gawain,
" This is not hot so this volcano can't be erupting," said Gareth confused.

All of a sudden something popped out of the crater of the volcano. First one ear then another ear, then a head and a body and then some legs and some feet. It looked like a mixture of an ogre and a pig. Gawain and Gareth looked at each other terrified then looked back at the monster and shouted
With all of their might, Gawain and Gareth started to climb quickly to the other side of the crumbling volcano to find the path to carry on their way. But then Shrig picked up the two of them, each in one hand and took them to his mouth. Gareth tried biting his fingers and Gawain tried cutting his tounge off but none of them worked because Shrig put them upon his bottom lip and said in the most booming voice any of them had ever heard,
Gawain panicked but while Shrig was closing his mouth Gareth drew his sword and placed it in between Shrig's two front teeth. Shrig closed his mouth and the sword pierced straight through his gum.
 " AAAHHHHHHHHHH I WILL GET YOU BACK AAAHHHHHHHHHH! "  And with that Shrig fell to the floor and he was as still as ice. Gawain was furious that Gareth had saved his life. He was even more angry that he killed him when that was what Gawain's job should have been. Gareth was so so happy because that was his first kill and he beat a knight to it.
" That was MY job and you took advantage of that and I don't like people who take advantage of me. Do you hear me and never do it again OKAY," screamed Gawain.
" Yes sir but I had to.  Sorry sir," Gareth pleaded.

Exhausted after the battle, Gawain and Gareth made their way back to the castle, they passed through an enormous forest, over a beach, then finally came to a hill. They got to the top of the hill and saw their destination. They stopped for a few minutes then carried on their journey always ready to be amazing knights.

Gawain and Gareth's adventure to the Green Chapel

The snow, which was falling heavily, landed on the ground which was nowhere to be seen because the snow was so thick.  As they were looking forward to the road ahead of them, they heard the knights and King Arthur cheering for them.  The sun was hidden behind a big, black cloud that didn't look very promising.  As they both took their first steps they both wondered what their journey had in store for them.

Four weeks had passed but to them, those four weeks felt like forty weeks.  They passed dark forests,that were so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of you, villages, which wolves and bears had invaded, and swamps with slurping quicksands but that didn't stop them so they continued their journey to the Green Chapel.

Six days had passed but to them it was more like six years! Gawain, relieved, suddenly said,
"Look, an opening," but Gareth wasn't very sure about it.

Gareth, who still wasn't feeling very sure about it, started to get ready for bed.  When they woke up there was a huge rock beside them.
"That wasn't there when we went to bed last night, was it?" Gareth asked sounding very shocked.

When they got to the other side they saw it wasn't a rock, it was a cave.  Gawain really wanted to go inside of the cave but Gareth really didn't want to.  He had a strange feeling about it. He also tried to persuade Gawain not to, but he didn't take any notice of him.  When Gawain took the first step into the cave, there were moans and groans telling them not to come in.  Gawain took another step and another.  By this time whatever was inside the cave was now starting to get very annoyed.  It came out.  It was huge, white and now very angry.  It was a snow ogre and its snow unicorns.  Its green eyes glared at Gawain and he said in the lowest voice you could ever imagine,
"You disturbed the snow, I will destroy you.

Gawain and Gareth were both scared but neither of them showed it.  Gawain had not a clue what to do but Gareth had an idea.  He looked at the book of knightly rules and wondered, would the answer be in there?  As Gawain was fighting off the ogre, Gareth sneakily crept to the book of knightly rules and looked inside.  He stopped.  Gawain told him it would be cheating it even says it in the book of knightly rules. He was right, it did say that but then Gareth thought it says that in the book of knightly rules but technically he wasn't a knight so he didn't have to follow them.  Yet.

When Gawain was fighting off the ogre Gareth read what he had to do.  He started throwing snowballs at the ogre and stamping on the fine clear snow, which now looked like a bomb just hit.  The ogre kept repeating himself.
"You disturb the snow, I will destroy you,"
"You disturb the snow I will destroy you," until finally a snow storm came he was still repeating himself,
"You disturb the snow, I will destroy you!," suddenly the ogre was gone the snow storm stopped and the snow which Gareth threw and messed up was back to normal.  Gawain said
"You should thank me I saved your life, I distracted the snow ogre,
"Gareth let him steal his spotlight, but they had no idea what might happen next.

  As they were on their way to the green chapel they heard rustling in the bushes Gawain drew his sword and a black bird flew out.  They checked the bush.  There was a letter, hand written saying these words
"YOUR FEARS SHALL BE THE DEATH OF YOU," They looked at each other and wondered what did it mean? Gareth dropped the letter. All the way there they felt like someone was following them.  As quietly as possible Gawain drew his sword and turned around in a flash.  There stood right in front of them were two baby unicorns, an older blue one and a baby green one. 
"They look lost.  I think we should help them," Gareth said hoping Gawain would agree but Gawain actually did the opposite.
"NO! We can never trust a unicorn.  They're dangerous shouldn't you know that, you are a squire after all aren't you?." 
Gareth wondered if he should tell him the truth.  The unicorns stared at them both, then they looked at each other.  The blue unicorn created a force field around itself and the green one.  They then pointed their horns at Gawain and Gareth and fire came out of them.  Gareth knew he had to reveal his identity.  So that was what he did.  He showed who he really was.  Gareth took out his hair and sang to the unicorns.  The unicorns fell down dead. 
"You should thank me, twice now," Gareth said but Gawain didn't take any notice.  They then carried on their journey but Gawain couldn't believe that he was lied to.  They carried on their journey to the Green Chapel.
The adventures of Gawain and Gwyneth 
The autumn leaves, which were a golden colour, were lying on the grounds of Camelot like a beautiful carpet . As Gawain and Gareth left the castle they took one last backwards glance at Camelot. As they took that glance at the castle, they saw all of the knights and King Authur cheering them. The sounds of the cheers were deafening. Gawain and Gareth felt proud but Gawain also felt a twinge of fear but he  did not show it. As they turned away from the castle they wondered if they would ever return.

Seventy-two long hours passed by. It felt like seventy-two weeks because they were walking non-stop. They ventured over fields and mountains and through swamps with quicksand sucking them in. But they didn't give up on their adventure to the Green Chapel. They didn't
know what was in store for them!

Gawain and Gareth blinked and suddenly saw a giant stony dark and misty staircase leading up to a pitch black damp misty  village. Gareth didn't like a single thing about this village. Something sent a chill down their spines but they didn't know that something was watching them.

Gawain ascended the staircase but Gareth stayed behind to keep guard while still carrying all of the weapons and armour.

Gawain, who was sweating, reached the top of the staircase and saw a suspicious tall human standing at gates to the village. Gawain didn't trust this man. He sent a chill down Gawain's spine. He spoke,
"Why do you come to this sacred place?"
Gawain replied,
"To slay the evil monster."
Then he spoke slowly.
" If I die you shall rise out of a magmatic hole."
Suddenly a massive fire-breathing dragon appeared from the depths of the grounds. Gawain scurried down the staircase and grabbed his sword in a flash and ran to the staircase with his sword in his hands.          
The famous Gawain plunged his sword into the heart of the dragon.  It was about to fall on the man but he disappeared into thin air and left a couple of sparks behind. The dragon disappeared and the gates opened and when they opened they let out a loud squeak. Gawain and Gareth went through the gates and saw an old lonely poster saying ,
                             - Beware tarantula
                                 Monster on the
                                   Look Out !   - 

Gareth looked shocked. He had a flashback of when he was two years old and a massive spider came into his room and
it reached his bed! That's all he remembered then he         turned to Gawain and they stared at each other in shock but suddenly Gareth fell to the floor and the ground started to rumble and out of a village came a giant tarantula. He needed a plan so he thought and then he went into a house for shelter and got his sword out of his belt. After he got out of his shelter and said,
"I'm not afraid of you evil beast."
He plunged it into the spider's heart and it fell to the floor while drawing its last breath and the foul beast fell to its doom and its legs fell off. Suddenly a flash of lightning struck down and knocked Gawain of his feet and he became knocked out and all he saw was a cart made of wood and after that his eyes closed and a strange hunter and they got carried into a cart with dead animals and taken away into the mist.    
The story of Gawain and Gareth's adventure to the Green Chapel
The snow, which was falling heavily, landed around Gawain and Gareth as they took one more backward glance at the castle. The cheers of the crowd were deafening as they were waving goodbye as Gawain and Gareth left.  As they looked at the path ahead in the distance, they wondered if they would make it back.

Two weeks had passed since Gawain and Gareth left Camelot Castle but it seemed much longer.  In that two weeks they passed an erupting volcano, a rocky mountain and a thick, dense forest full of ferocious wild animals.  The places they passed were not that pleasant. However, they didn't know what was coming next!

Suddenly in the distance, Gawain saw something dark and dingy. As they walked nearer towards it, they realised what it was. It was a massive cave. It was all dripping wet and mouldy. The mould was all over the walls and moss was growing on the rocks. It looked like soft green silk.

As they entered the cave they heard a strange noise. This noise was very loud. Both of them tip - toed deeper into the cave and the noise got louder and louder.
" Yuck, what is this on the floor?," whispered Gawain.
" Shh," murmured Gareth.  They wondered what the two shiny things were over in the corner.
" Are you thinking what I am thinking?" said Gawain.
" Yes, let's go and have a look at it," said Gareth.

It looked like gold and silver money.
"Ahh, get off of us!" shouted Gawain as he drew his sword up into the air.
An ogre had captured them with his big bear-like arms.  Gawain stabbed his sword right into the ogre's back. The ogre's back felt hard like steel.  It had spikes on its back like daggers.

Suddenly the ogre's body started to twitch and move.  Quickly, Gawain drew his sword and took one more stab into the ogre's back.  Then Gawain gave Gareth all the bags then they set off again on their journey.  Over the hills around the corners, everywhere just to get to the Green Chapel.
Gradually, it began to get dark and it was time for Gawain and Gareth to settle down for the night, but before they settled down they had a quick look around to check they were in a safe place. Gawain fell asleep but Gareth lay awake just in case anything bad happened. Gareth started to drift off to sleep, Suddenly! Lights were flashing, then a shimmering object appeared ... a unicorn with a sharp horn.

Gawain drew his sword and tried to stab the beastly thing but it didn't work it just bravely stood there and shot bright lights out at him.
Gareth grabbed the Book of Knightly Rules and had a look to see if anything was useful.
"I know what I have to do I need to show who I actually am,"
whispered Gareth to himself he took off his coat and started singing to the unicorn suddenly it started to drift away.
"Who are you?" Gawain shouted to him or shall I say her.
" I am Gwyneth. I am from Muckfield. I wanted to become a knight so I came to Camelot Castle," replied Gwyneth.

After all the arguing they set off for the rest of the journey to the Green Chapel not knowing what was waiting there!