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Last week at Adel Primary in Leeds

Reports from last week’s Alive And Kicking adventures at Adel Primary School in Leeds.
"We were thrilled when John and Louise from Alive And Kicking came to Nursery and took us on a magical journey as we acted out 'a sideways look at Cinderella’. 
His Royal Majesty was in such a mood. There hadn't been a royal ball for years and years. And down the road in a crooked old house a kitchen maid had to do all the chores while her two sisters  did nothing. Until one day an invitation arrived ……"
"This week Year 1 took part in a drama morning which took us to 'the bottom of the bottom of the sea!' 
We met lots of characters and were involved in many activities such as, creating a journey map, bringing the map to life, acting in role as villagers, persuasion and also listening to a story told by the 'Queen of the Sea’. 
The children proved themselves to be fantastic in role and thoroughly enjoyed the morning.”

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