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Parenting in a Pandemic

Will families be able to repair a boat like this to escape to a new homeland? In a series of webinars for The Bright Start Foundation John Mee is to help parents prepare to make a fictional journey to an imaginary world with their children. A family friendly, easy to follow guide into the world of play in which mothers, fathers, grandparents, carers and family friends will be helped to make stories, invent characters, go on adventures, face dangers and celebrate their victories!
Following on from Parenting In A Pandemic John will be creating two masterclass webinars to be held online for education and arts workers in which he will examine drama’s impact in early childhood. 
In Drama in Early Years Settings John will explore ways into building drama together by examining features of the drama process and the processes that link drama and play using a number of video-clips of working with young children around themes such as Journeys.

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