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Sunshine Street and the children of Clapgate Nursery

Here's our starting point .....
Lawrence, the artist at number 1, is spending time looking out of his window…he is drawing the sun and the clouds as well as some of the things that stay still and don’t move…he’s having colour days...his next one will be red.
Edward at number 2 is Ida’s father and she lives with him…they are both explorers…he can’t wait to get exploring again…he wants to be on board a ship in the middle of an ocean, sliding down a mountainside being chased by wolves, swimming through caves underneath the earth…but he is stuck in his house.
Ida, Edward’s daughter at number 2 is getting ready to go on their next adventure, whatever it is…she’s getting clothes for different weathers… looking for her snorkel and wetsuit… making a tent out of a duvet … deciding what food to take with her.
And Pearl, the dinner lady at number 3, mother of a teenage boy and a younger girl, is out in the garden tidying up… listening to sounds… singing to herself… when she goes inside, she’s sorting out her pile of odd socks… thinking about what’s for tea… she’s planning to go on a sound walk collecting everything she can hear…
And we are about to go back to our face to face work. Hooray!

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