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Vikings and Victorians

Viking and Victorian Workshops
Martin Riley recently delivered workshops on the Vikings (year 5) and Victorians (years 3 & 4).

Over two mornings, pupils met Beowulf himself, became a part of his warrior band and explored Viking history, culture and mythology discovering the Eddas and Sagas, Middle Earth, Asgard and The Rainbow Bridge. Writing and performing their own dramas, they had the chance to work with award winning novelist and Viking expert, Melvin Burgess, who told them some brilliant tales as well as becoming Loki, the trickster god, who tried to win them over with his lies. The children weren’t taken in!

Martin took the children of St Philips back to the Victorian Workhouse. Unfortunately, they landed in the very workhouse described in Dickens’ Oliver Twist and made their escape only to take refuge in Sweeny Todd’s Barber’s shop where they get a very close shave indeed. In this drama adventure, the children learned about life for children in Victorian England. They learned how to make a pie with very few healthy ingredients with Mrs Lovatt, met Tobias, the snake oil salesman and became Victorian market traders. With the help of Lord Stokes from the Poor Law Reform Society, the children were instrumental in bringing justice to an unjust world.

Quotes: “I liked it because … it was full of drama, because it was really fun, funny and cool. When I acted characters out I felt like I was actually that character. I like Martin Riley because he is fun, exciting and joyful, because he acts out different parts in the story, because he brought it to life and it was filled with suspense and how he let us join in and we had to solve the mystery.”

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