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In The Woods

At Middleton St Philip’s Primary Alive And Kicking are pursuing their Leeds Beckett University research focus on exploring the ways in which children and their parents co-construct imaginary worlds. John Mee as Tom Wayfinder from the pen of Martin Riley is recreating the story of his five year quest with the year 2 children … a quest that will end up on May the first in a wood near Keighley
Tom tells us …. For the last five years now I have been on a quest. I have sailed across stormy oceans to lands where icebergs float in the freezing water, where the sea itself turns to ice. I have travelled to the lands where fire and ash and smoke spout volcanoes while red-hot lava flows down their sides. I have been to lush valleys and great lakes where the air is full of the crying of countless birds as they wheel around the wide blue sky.

And all this time I have been looking and listening, smelling and tasting, feeling the life and spirit of the place.I have been looking for somewhere special. You know how it is, somewhere familiar and comfortable, somewhere which feels and smells just right. I have known fire and ice, I have known night and day, I have known air and water, I have known love and I have known loss. And now I need a place to rest my heart, somewhere to call home.
Without the help of the children, their parents and teachers Tom will remain homeless! Here's hoping the wood will be the right place for him but there will be a whole lot of problems for the children to solve first.


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