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We delight in visits from a wide range of people.  Please use the contact page or email us or telephone to let us know if you'd like to join us.
Recently Ida Ahrens, a student from Germany joined us for a week. She writes:
"I was really grateful for the opportunity of gaining insight into the experience that Alive And Kicking has to offer. You can tell how experienced they are by the way they deal with kids and sudden changes of their plan. Even though I couldn't imagine what their work is, my expectations somehow got surpassed.

Within a very short time the pupils were able to adjust to the mindset of the century the story was set in and took over a new personality. Doing that, the company always made sure they didn't had to do things they didn't feel comfortable with, but encouraged them to try new things at the same time. 

What impressed me the most was the fact that the pupils really did turn into experts of their field by getting told they are and just using their imagination. I definitely got some inspiration from the experiences I made and will use them to shape my future career."

Many of our volunteers have come through our contacts with the huge number of friends of the company who have seen our work with children and young people and have continued to visit us on our travels. We have linked up with student groups from local colleges and universities, local arts workers, teachers, business and commercial contacts, and our great joy has been to work with volunteers from the over 55's group Heydays at the Leeds Playhouse.
Wendy Fernyhough from Heydays writes:
"I've always been interested in drama and working with a theatre company is a treat.

It is fascinating to see how each performance evolves differently as the company accepts and incorporates into the action the ideas and suggestions put forward by the children.

It is often very moving to watch the children's reactions and how it stirs their  imagination, indignation and sense of justice."
Sophie Ketteringham, student from Roundhay School, writes:
"I found it interesting that this type of interactive theatre really pushed children's imaginations and brought out some different thought-provoking ideas. Working with Alive And Kicking has really made me think about the different routes you can take in the performing arts industry and I have got some great life and career advice out of this experience."
If you would like to become one of Alive and Kicking’s volunteers, please contact 0113 295 8190 or email info@aliveandkickingtheatrecompany.co.uk