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The Journey of the Soaring Eagle

In the Tribe Of the Soaring Eagles, an interactive cross-curricular drama for KS2, we face all kinds of dilemmas and dangers together, taking on the roles of people in the tribe, reminding ourselves of what we have been through together, and seeking a way forward in our new lives after we have been exiled.
The Story of our Stopping.
Written by the first Scribe (Jodie Marshall) after the children of Moortown Primary in Leeds created the history of the tribe ….
Herein lies the pledge of our tribe, announcing our
bond with this new land, to be said by our children
and children’s children from this day onward, for as
long as we remain.
We choose the mountain because it rises above the earth,
And we have risen above our troubles to find this our home.
We choose the rocks because rocks are solid,
And we stand solid in the face of danger.
We choose the sky because the sky is open,
And we are open to new ideas and new dreams.
We choose the snow because the snow is pure
And we are pure, being honest and forgiving.
-But we did not choose the Eagles,
For they chose us.
They welcomed us to share their home.
Noble and brave, loyal and strong.
Above us, beyond us, guiding us,
We are the tribe of the Soaring Eagles.
As long as they are free, so then are we.