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Granny McCool's Crazy Cook Book

Dear Children,
Look at you! No, of course I don’t mean look at yourself, though of course if you had a mirror you could. No, I mean I’m looking at you. Yes, yes, of course, what a clever child, no, I’m not actually seeing you because these are just words on the page not my sharp detective eyes looking you over and noticing everything about you. “Stand up straight. Comb your hair. Have you had a proper wash this morning?” But I can see you in my mind’s eye and you look – beautiful, intelligent, imaginative and just a tiny bit cheeky! Just the one to help me with a little, little, such a little job!
After the huge success of Alive & Kicking’s Granny’s Underground Garden which is the true and real story of my two grandchildren, Charlotte and Reece, I have become quite famous everywhere for my gardening skills, yes, for my organising skills, well naturally, but also for my Chocolate Broccoli Biscuits and my Vegetable Jelly and Carrot Ice Cream!
Well – everyone now knows that children should eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day – but do they? Of course they don’t! So their kind Granny McCool has to find ways of hiding all that healthy food in things the little darlings can’t refuse like biscuits and jelly and cake or their favourite pudding. You should have seen Charlotte and Reece’s faces when I put my new the Cauliflower and Apple Crumble on their plates. They didn’t know what to pour on top of it - gravy or custard!
And now the world has found out about my wild and wonderful cookery they want more! A publisher has been in touch to ask me to write a book – Granny McCool’s Crazy Cook Book. But the problem is that I have no time! I’m too busy helping the Ferrish people. If Alive & Kicking have been to your school with Granny’s Underground Garden you’ll know all about that!
So – hope you don’t mind but would you help write my cook-book? I’ll mention you in the credits! The publisher has asked for a book full of recipes that will encourage children to eat their 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. All the recipes should be fruit and vegetable based and the publisher has said the wackier the better- after all, I am famous for my broccoli biscuits and aubergine meringues and every child loves them.
Just to give you the idea I have typed in a couple of my favourite recipes. Click on "Join In The Fun" to read them. All you need to do is make up some of your own and post them online. Than you so much. Granny Maggie Ann McCool

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