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Fantastic Fives at St Philips

Below is some of the fantastic work that we have written in response to Alive and Kicking's visit to our school.
We have included extracts from the adventures that Gawain and Gareth (Gwyneth in disguise) had on their way to finding the Green Knight. We hope you find them inspiring!

It all began on a cold frosty night beside a damp cold river. Gawain and Gareth were walking through the deep dark wood whane suddenly there was a SMASH in front of them. Then silence - no-one moved, not a muscle, not even their eyes blinked....
by Ethan

Gawain and Gwyneth could feel the gust of wind whistling loudly in their ears. They could hear the leaves at their feet suddenly, strangely rustling - then out it popped! into Gareth's face. It looked like a heap of Autumn leaves with two stick legs and two stick arms. Gawain drew his sword, and very carefully, killed it. The creature had green blood - Gareth couldn't bear to look...

Gawain and his squire, Gareth, were trotting through the old crunchy leaves looking out for danger. They couldn't see anything wrong, so they continued on their way when suddenly there was the sound of a twig snapping and then appeared a black shadow - but it was far to fast to be seen. They looked harder until they saw....the Arrowgreeksnap! magnificent red for fire, blue for water, yellow for lightning, green for a plant, pink air and earth, purple for hurricanes and darkness and black for rock and doom.
by Elvis

They were worrying too much about the Green Knight to notice the dark, gloomy, horrifying forest closing in on them. Gawain and Gareth found a dry place where they could light a fire but as soon as they were getting warm, a big rumbling sound began. Gawain immediately leaped to his feet, drew his shiny new clean sword and showed no fear.

Gawain and Gareth were on top of a roasting hot volcano - and it was about to explode!! They had to get out of there fast before they were burnt to death

Gareth and Gawain finally arrived in the depth of the forest. The golden leaves were scattered everywhere, the trees looked like they were scared, worried and anxious. It sounded like they were crying for help.
"Come on, let's carry on" commanded Gawain. As soon as he finished his sentence, the gold rusted all around them. They it looked as if the trees were pointing behind them. When they looked back...
ROAR - it was a mountainous, huge, massive monster with dragon's wings, a slithery snake body and a large fish fin at the end.